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50. I have had bladder infections throughout my life and nothing gets rid of them and within one week I realized that I had not had any troubles with painful urinating or stinging. I have not had one blatter infection for two months. Thank you for your inspiring work and the God who gave you the talent.

-- From The Blood Type Diet Results Database

Lesson Seven: Dealing with specific health issues

Many people turn to the Blood Type Diet because it can make a powerful difference in how they deal with specific health issues in their own lives. Though not a replacement for the services of a physician, using the Blood Type Diet in conjunction with conventional or complementary health care can provide a powerful advantage: One that can often separate the exceptional patient from the average one.

If you choose to include Blood Type specific supplementation as part of you plan, remember to discuss this with your doctor, especially if you are currently taking medication.

Well, we've gathered a few resources to help you out.

RESOURCE: The Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia

Key Point: The Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia is the A-Z Reference Guide for the Blood Type Connection to Symptoms, Disease, Conditions, Medications, Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs and Food covers over 400 entries on treating symptoms and illness according to blood type. This is the ultimate encyclopedic blood type guide to conditions, herbs, supplements, medication and food. Look up everything from asthma to sore throat, from cancer to thrombosis to find out which the risk for each blood type, how to attempt to heal the condition through blood type recommendations. Each condition entry will also cite rigorous studies showing frequency and severity in each blood type.

Food, herb, and supplement entries give specific information by blood type on efficacy for different conditions as well as overall health and will help readers find out what is helpful or harmful to their blood type. You can find the Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia at most major booksellers, public libraries, and the online NAP store.

Click here for more information and to order online from NAP The Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia

RESOURCE: The D'Adamo Clinic

Key Point:
You may decide that you require personalized, expert care. In that case perhaps consider becoming a patient of the D'Adamo Clinic. Under the guidance of Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo and Dr. Natalie J. Colicci, clinic patients enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge research and treatment while also receiving compassionate care and support. The D'Adamo Clinic blends time-honored natural healing techniques with state-of-the-art diagnostics and proprietary software personally written by Dr. D'Adamo to develop a genetically tailored diet specific for each patient.

Click here to visit the website of The D'Adamo Clinic.

Key Point: Dr. D'Adamo has recently released a series of eight books (The D'Adamo Health Library) each of which addresses a specific health topic in light of the differences between the blood types. The eight books cover Allergies, Anti-Aging, Arthritis, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Fatigue, and Menopause.

For more information about the The D'Adamo Health Library books and to order online from NAP, click on the link below:

The D'Adamo Health Library

Click here to explore the complete Blood Type Diet Library.

RESOURCE: The Determinator

Key Point:
The Determinator is an artificial intelligence program written by Dr. D'Adamo that provides you with advice about NAP products that may be worthy of your consideration based on the input you provide.

Click here to open The Determinator.

RESOURCE: PATHbase: The Blood Type Disease Database

Key Point:
The website features an extensive on-line database of medical studies that link blood type to specific diseases. If you would like to research the link between a particular blood type and certain diseases, you can search the extensive listings.

Click here to open the search form to the Blood Type Disease Database.

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