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3. I had a tendency to get sore muscles very easily. If I would read for 15 minutes more than usual, I would get a nasty stiff neck the next day, etc. This no longer occurs--except when I take a detour from the diet. I also had digestive upsets about once a week. These no longer occur. I had markedly fewer colds this last year on the diet.

-- From The Blood Type Diet Results Database

Lesson Four: Compliance, cooking and meal planning

Now that you know your ABO blood type and are reading Eat Right 4 Your Type, we'll need to address a few potential roadblocks and how to get around them.

First, let's look at some basic issues that can influence your compliance:

Overall health/medical conditions: If you have any unusual or severe health problems, make sure that you continue consulting with a qualified health professional regarding that condition.

Going cold turkey versus gradual: Unless your health is very bad and every minute counts, you probably don't need to go cold turkey. You've been eating a lot of the 'avoid' foods all your life and they haven't killed you yet, so a few months of tapering off won't likely kill you, either. Gradually switching over can also make this process feel more like a lifestyle change and less like a prison sentence. Start by removing the worst foods (the 'red flags' for your type) as they do the most harm, and trying to eat more of the beneficial foods, and then slowly incorporate the rest of the changes.

Strictness of adherence: This seems to be of greater significance for folks with severe medical conditions. Note that in the book, 70% adherence is sufficient for most of us. Strict avoidance of the 'avoids' and eating mostly only 'beneficials' is all but impossible for most people. Try to get extra helpings of the beneficial foods and try to minimize the ones to be avoided. An occasional slip up or a small amount of an 'avoid' in a recipe is nothing to panic over. Eating a small piece of Aunt Gertie's birthday cake isn't either and it will keep Aunt Gertie happy.

Food substitutes - This is where you'll get a lot of help from the people on this web site. They can suggest all kinds of good substitutes for the 'avoids' that you eat the most, thus making the transition easier. For example, rice milk and/or soy milk instead of cow's milk, Ezekiel and Spelt bread instead of white/wheat bread, sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, rice cereal instead of wheat/corn cereal, maple syrup and molasses instead of corn syrup, arrowroot instead of corn starch, depending upon your ABO type.

Cooking and meal preparation can be a major challenge when changing your diet. Although some folks are just plain imaginative and have a flair for meal planning, you would not be the first person to look at the food lists for their blood type and gasp 'how can I cook anything?'

Well, we've gathered a few resources to help you out.


Key Point:
Many visitors have left very imaginative recipes that can help you follow the diet effectively, especially in those household which have members with different blood types, in RECIbase, an online Blood Type Diet recipe database that is organized by blood type. When using any recipe, always check it for avoids. The BTD food lists changed somewhat a few years ago and recipes in the following resources may not reflect those changes.

Click here to open the RECIbase database.

RESOURCE: Cook Right 4 Your Type

Key Point: Dr. D'Adamo has written a cookbook for the Blood Type Diet called Cook Right 4 Your Type (CR4YT). It contains road maps and charts for each of the four blood types, detailing which foods and beverages to consume and which to avoid, tips for starting and sticking with the diet and matching your menu to your blood type and a thirty-day meal plan for each type to help you stay healthy, live longer, and achieve your ideal weight. It features more than 200 easy, healthy recipes keyed to blood type. Cook Right 4 Your Type is available at all major bookstores and through the online NAP website.

Click here to find out more about the Cook Right 4 Your Type (CR4YT) book.

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