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44. This has been great for me I am a fencing coach and competitor. I tell my overweight students about the diet. Thank you so much!

-- From The Blood Type Diet Results Database

Lesson Three: Eat Right For Your Type

Now that you know your ABO blood type, you can begin your journey with the Blood Type Diet.

As with any journey, you will need a guide.

The best guide for the Blood Type Diet beginner is Dr. D'Adamo's first, most popular and best-known book, Eat Right 4 Your Type (ER4YT). This NY Times best-selling book is considered a landmark in nutrition, having received numerous awards, including being named one of 'the ten most important health books ever written.' ER4YT has been translated into more than sixty languages, and ten years after its publication, remains a bestseller.

It is also the most 'user-friendly' of the blood type books.

So, you should now get a copy of ER4YT. This should be quite easy. It is widely available at most booksellers and Internet sites such as, and many libraries have a copy on hand. You can also order a copy through the online NAP store.

Click here to order Eat Right 4 Your Type.

Reading ER4YT will also help you to become familiar with the science behind the Blood Type Diet. You will learn:

  • How blood type influences digestion, and why different blood types have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • How anthropology has shaped the characteristics of each blood type.
  • How lectins in the diet often determine what foods are good or bad for a particular blood type.

Take a look at the diet that is specific for your blood type. You will notice that certain foods are considered 'neutral' or 'avoid' or 'beneficial'. This is different from virtually all other diet books, which tend to only classify foods by their macronutrient content, such as 'low carb' or 'low fat'.


Key Point:
The secret behind the success of eating for your blood type: Each food has a specific value for each specific blood type.

To find out whether a food is good or bad for your type, you can access TYPEbase4, an online database of Blood Type Diet food values. Bear in mind that most people are secretors, so the secretor values in TYPEbase4 would be the ones to start with.

Click here to open the TYPEbase4 database.

TIP: Make a shopping list

Key Point: Making a list of foods that are right for your type will help you organize your shopping and help you familiarize yourself with the diet for your blood type.

RESOURCE: Blood Type Diet Food and Beverage Guides

Key Point: North American Pharmacal (NAP), is a company that produces many blood type specific and blood type friendly products. Two such products are the Blood Type Diet Food and Beverage Guide Pocket Books and Wallet Cards, which both are handy and summarize the diet for each blood type. They easily fit into a purse or wallet.

Click here for more information on Blood Type Diet Food and Beverage Guide Pocket Books and Wallet Cards

RESOURCE: International Editions

Key Point: ER4YT is available in virtually every major language spoken.

Click here to access the list of all international editions and the address of their publishers.

OK, so now you know your ABO type and are busy reading ER4YT! Click on the NEXT LESSON link below and let's discuss some survival strategies.

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