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32. I like to run. I don't know if this is verifiable, but I noticed a significant change in the fatigue and soreness I experience, i.e. during the lactic acid buildup phase of myrun (about 5-10 min. into the run). I also have greater endurance. I struggled getting past this stage in the past because of my inconsistency (I had a change in lifestyle) at keeping a running routine. Though I am aware of psychological influences, I will say that I have never experience so great progress at running long distance in so short a time frame (within days).

-- From The Blood Type Diet Results Database

Lesson One: Is this diet right for you?

You may have heard about the diet from a friend or relative, or read about the Blood Type Diet in one of the popular magazines. Many people try the Blood Type Diet in the hopes of enhancing their overall health or fighting a particular disease. Many use the diet as a way of achieving their ideal weight. These are all very good reasons as over the years many people have used the Blood Type Diet to accomplish these goals.

"How do I get started?" is another one of the more frequently asked questions here, but one that we are always glad to see because it means more people are on their way to better health.

On many of the webpages and forums you will see the Blood Type Diet referred to as the 'BTD' or 'ER4YT', an older acronym that stands for Eat Right 4 Your Type, the name of Dr. D'Adamo's first book. No matter, both abbreviations stand for the Blood Type Diet.

This tutorial is designed to help you assemble the elements needed to successfully use the Blood Type Diet as a tool on your path to better health. Lessons are organized into convenient 'packets' that allow you to take the Blood Type Diet as far as you want or need. It will allow you to take full advantage of the huge amount of material on this website, and direct you to specific resources that allow you to follow the diet successfully.

Using the tutorial is quite simple. Complete each lesson, then click the NEXT LESSON link at the bottom of the page. You can review a prior lesson by clicking the LAST LESSON link.

Each lesson is a specific topic, and may link to other resources. For example, many people want to read about the experience of others when they evaluate starting a new diet

Click here to watch a video about theory behind The Blood Type Diet.

RESOURCE: Blood Type Diet Results

Key Point:
The blood type diet is quite effective, as measured by the large numbers of individuals who have reported their results. Interestingly roughly 8 out of 10 individuals report a positive result from following the program, which is especially interesting in light of the fact that each of the four blood groups have quite different diets. What does that say about the wisdom of 'one-size-fits-all' diets?

To view the results of the Blood Type Diet by blood group, click on the links below:

Click here to access the Blood Type Diet Results Database and search dieters reporting their results with the diet.

RESOURCE: Blood Relations

Key Point:
Over the years, columnist Cocky Van Hesteren has profiled quite a few followers of the diet in detail in her column 'Blood Relations.'

Click here to open a listing of all dieters profiled in 'Blood Relations'.

RESOURCE: Support and Solutions

The Support and Solutions link off the left hand main navigation menu is a great resource, full of great links.

Click here to explore the Support and Solutions.

RESOURCE: Media Center

The Media Center, link off the left hand main navigation menu, has several profiles on the BTD done by a variety of print and television networks.

Click here to explore the Media Center.

Here is a run-down of the other topics that are covered in The Blood Type Diet Tutorial:

OK, so now we're ready to roll! Click on the NEXT LESSON link below and let's get started!

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