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"I have diverticulosis - since beginning the diet, I have not had 1 instance of diarrhea or stomach pain or gas and bloating - I can really attribute this to the diet ! I have also lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks, and am looking forward to dropping about 25 more, once I am on summer vacation and can really devote quality time to exercise ! Thank you for giving me this." Kara, Type O

Body Mass Index Calculator: Inches/pounds


BMI (Body Mass Index) uses your height and weight values to determine whether you are at risk for weight-related health problems. The lower your BMI, the lower your risk for health problems.

To use the calculator below, enter your height in inches, enter your weight in pounds, then click the "Calculate BMI" button to see your results.  (Please note that your browser must be Java Script enabled to use the calculator)




1. Enter your height in inches (for example: 5' 10-1/2" = 70.5)
2. Enter your weight in pounds then press the  Calculate BMI button:    

Your BMI is: