A database of blood type linked pathology.

DiseaseArthritis, Osteoarthritis
Blood Group LinkGroup O appears to have a lower risk of osteoarthritis. ABO frequencies are reported in a series of 341 patients undergoing total hip replacement (THR) for primary (idiopathic) osteoarthrosis. Diagnosis of primary osteoarthrosis was made on the basis of clinical history, radiography, and histology of the excised femoral head. Compared to a control group of blood donors from the same geographical area there is a significant deficit of group O among the arthritic patients. It is suggested that there may be a heritable component in the susceptibility to develop osteoarthrosis in an otherwise normal hip-joint. (1)

The paper contains a comparative analysis of the distribution of the blood groups of the ABO system in 1731 patients with syndromes of spinal osteochondrosis and in 9013 representatives of the population. Besides the frequency indices the authors studied as well the index of a relative morbidity A/O the "racial-biochemical" Hirshfeld index and the relationship of the frequency of group 0 to the sum of frequency in the A, B, AB group. It was demonstrated that there was a significant drop in patients with spinal osteochondrosis of the frequency of the 0 group and an increase of the group A. These deviations demonstrate a correlation with the sex, age by the onset, localization of the process longitudinally to the spine and hereditary loading (cases of repeated cases in the family). The revealed regularities may be considered as evidence of the influence of the genotype on the development of spinal osteochondrosis as well as one of the mechanisms determining the immune response in this disease. (2)
Special Note
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