A database of blood type linked pathology.

DiseaseParasitic disease, Amoeba
Blood Group LinkThough one study showed than Amoeba did not seem to adhere to the red blood cells of any particular blood type over another (1,2) a separate study showed that the percentage of Amoeba phagocytosed (scavenged) by the immune system was higher if the Amoebas were attached to type A or AB red blood cells versus type O or B. (3) Thus, though no particular blood type seemed to contract Amoeba over the others, types A and Ab seem to mount a better immune response to it. This may explain why Amoebic infection was seen to be associated with type B blood in one study.

A study has been performed on 467 cases of differents parasitic diseases and ABO blood groups. With classical statistical methods, we did not find any correlation, but with a large number of variables, we used the factorial analysis, and we obtained maps with relationship O-hookworm and strongloidiasis. A-giardiasis, B-Entamoeba coli. (4)
Special Note
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