A database of blood type linked pathology.

DiseaseFungal disease, Candidiasis (oral "thrush")
Blood Group LinkABH non-secretors have a higher incidence of oral candidiasis, Lewis (a+b-) more than Lewis (a-b-). Oral carriage of Candida is also significantly associated with blood group O (p less than 0.001) and independently, with non-secretion of blood group antigens (p less than 0.001), with the trend towards carriage being greatest in group O non-secretors. (72)

Although non-secretors make up only about 26% of the population, they are significantly over represented among individuals with either oral or vaginal Candida infections, making up almost 50% of affected individuals. (69) The inability to secrete blood group antigens in saliva also appears to be a risk factor in the development of, or persistence of chronic hyperplastic Candidosis. In one study, the proportion of non-secretors of blood group antigens among patients with chronic hyperplastic Candidosis was 68%. (70)

Non-diabetic individuals who are non-secretors of blood group antigens are prone to superficial infections by Candida albicans. In this study, 216 patients with diabetes mellitus who were denture wearers were examined for the presence or absence of denture stomatitis. There was an overall trend for non-secretors to be prone to denture stomatitis compared with secretors. Stepwise linear discriminant analysis was used to dissect the contribution of secretor status and other variables to the development of the disease. Secretor status was found to be a contributory factor among patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes but not among those with insulin-dependent diabetes.

Oral candidiasis shows a higher incidence of group O over other ABO groups.
Special Note
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