A database of blood type linked pathology.

DiseaseParasitic disease, Giardia
Blood Group LinkA study has been performed on 467 cases of differents parasitic diseases and ABO blood groups. With classical statistical methods, we did not find any correlation, but with a large number of variables, we used the factorial analysis, and we obtained maps with relationship O-hookworm and strongloidiasis. A-giardiasis, B-Entamoeba coli. But AB group seems to be far from all parasitosis. Besides, blood group and severity of diseases seem not to be related. With HLA groups, a study by microlymphocytotoxicity on 36 West-African (Sarakole people) showed that HLA B5 is predominant in cases of schistosomiasis.(2)
Special Note
References1. Barnes GL, Kay R. Blood-groups in giardiasis. Lancet. 1977 Apr 9;1(8015):808.

2. J Egypt Soc Parasitol 1989 Jun;19(1):67-73Study of relationship of ABO and Rh blood group, and HLA antigens with parasitic diseases. Bouree P, Bonnot G

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