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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 5

Re: Eggs - The good and the bad.

Posted By: Paul K
Date: July-05, 1998 at 19:56:56

In Response To: Re: Eggs - The good and the bad. (Thomas Seay)

>>> continued <<<

Hi Thomas,

I see no problem in consuming an occasional whole organic raw egg or two. There have been people who have consumed raw eggs over the centuries and never had a problem. However, for the amount of raw eggs you would be consuming, you should definitely supplement your Vitamin-H (VH), perhaps a milligram or more. Check this with your health care provider for proper guidance. Also, be sure to take your VH separate from your raw eggs.

A deficiency of VH in adults is rare. However, antagonists include antibiotics, sulfur drugs, saccharin, avidin, plus fats and oils that have either been heated or just merely exposed to the air for a length of time.

The glycoprotein, avidin, which some refer to as a protein, is the antagonist that can be found in raw egg whites. It does not remove all the VH from your body's tissues. And only when passing through your GI tract does it's strong attraction to VH prevent the vitamin's absorption. A bit of irony here: Eggs are one of the richest food sources of VH.

I find it hypocritical when a doctor tells his patients not to eat raw eggs because of avidin, but dispenses prescriptions for antibiotics like candy. Doctors, also, rarely attempt to maintain the integrity of the GI tract by utilizing an antifungal and the reimplantation of the friendly flora. The fact is our primary source of VH is not from foods, but from our friendly flora, which gets further destroyed with each succeeding prescription he writes.

You may find it interesting to note how VH was discovered. Deficiency symptoms were created by the consumption of a large amount of eggs. Actually, the diet consisted of approximately 30% of raw eggs. Big raw egg eaters, better take note and take your VH!!!

Note that VH was adopted by the B-vitamins, and is thus, also, known as B7. Additionally, you can look under B-vitamines for Biotin. They are all one and the same.

Organic eggs are good, but if you can accertain what the chickens eat, choose the eggs from those that have access to some greens over those that eat only dried feed. The difference in eggs or even with milk is quite relevant. If you like reading, I'd suggest, "Pollenger's Cats", by Francis M. Pollenger,Jr.,MD. It's a short, easy to understand book, which will likely cause a major change in how most readers view food.

So ER4YT and on occasion top it off with an organic raw egg or two. For your better health, Paul...

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