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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 5

Re: Athletic Recovery

Posted By: MANIC
Date: June-30, 1998 at 12:48:08

In Response To: Athletic Recovery (Thomas Seay)

I use MSM for recovery training however I use primarily adaptogenic herbs for recovery after really hard workouts.
I primarily use three different adaptogens consistantly for recovery and regeneration are Eleutherococcus senticosus(Siberian Ginseng)
Schisandra chinensis, and Rhodiola rosea. It is kind of hard to get quality extracts of these herbs in
the US(I get mine from Russia) however there are a couple brands I feel comfortable with Swedish Herbal Institute
Gaia Herbs, and Sun Siberian Ginseng.

Swedish Herbal Institute:
Schisandra Adaptogen- a combination of Schisandra chinesis and Eleutherococcus it is very good. Take as directed on the
package or take double the amount before HARD WORKOUTS(not easy ones).

Artic Root- this is the one of the only products with real Rhodiola rosea(The other ones being Prime Quest's Brekman's Gold
and Prime One). You can't beat the quality or the price on this product. This is very effective for taking before and after work-outs.

Gaia Herbs:
Siberian Ginseng GBE- it is expensive but well worth the price. This is one of the best US made Eleutherococcus extracts I ever used.
It is well worth the money.

Siberian Ginseng Concentrate- this is a highly concentrated Eleutherococcus extract made in the form of a paste. It is very good in tea form.
It is also well worth the money.

Schisandra GBE- it is expensive but extremely effective. I going to go out on limb and say this is the best Schisandra extract outside of Russia.
Definately check this one out.

Sun Siberian Ginseng- pure Eleutherococcus root powder formed into those familiar(if you know how Sun packages their Chlorella)little pills. It is raw root but
it is more effective than most so-called extracts on the market plus you get a pretty little box with each purchase. It comes in packages of 300 and 1500 pills. Take as directed
for everyday use or take three to four times that amount before HARD WORKOUTS(yes there it is again, not easy ones).

Sun Siberian Ginseng Extract- A absolutely masterpiece taste-wise. This formula contains chlorella, Eleutherococcus extract, Plum extract and honey. It is expensive but worth the money.

Other brands to check out are Dragon Eggs and Jade Formulas. These two companies also put out superior adaptogen/tonic products.

A good place to find these products is the Vitamin Shoppe or check each company's web-site for ordering information.

Hope this helps.

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