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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 5

I blame misguided egalitarianism

Posted By: Rick McInnis
Date: June-08, 1998 at 18:01:16

It has recently occurred to me what infuriates
so many of the annointed about this diet.

First off, the fact that this diet clearly says
we all are not exactly alike: even though there
are compromises good and bad associated with each
system (most easliy distinguished by blood-
type) there is a strong cultural bias against
anything that says there are differences. Just
look how hard some try to prove that men and
women are the same.

I wonder if there is something akin, though
completely unrelated, to the FEAR engendered
by intelligence comparison studies. Even when
these studies show there are different, but
equally important types of intelligence they
are met with howls of outrage in public, while,
I suspect, smug self-assurance in the comfort
of home.

So, could it be, that doctors, unwittingly, and
to their patients potential harm, are working
against this realization for some idiotic
political reason. Has our fear of "labelling"
made us reticent to use, even, valid labels?
I suspect, yes.

One size does not fit all for diet, schooling,
anything. Yet in this pretend world of diversity
those doing the most talking about diversity are,
more often than not, the ones trying to impose
their construct upon everyone else. Since, it
is most likely different from the construct "they"
have made for themselves, it becomes a lesson
in diversity for "them" to embrace it.

("they","them", & "everyone else" are referring
to the Toyota customers (everyday people))


Rick McInnis

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  • I blame misguided egalitarianism
    Rick McInnis -- Monday, 8 June 1998, at 6:01 p.m.

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