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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 5

Re: Pork and updates/corrections to the food lists.

Posted By: Wally
Date: June-08, 1998 at 11:41:35

In Response To: Re: Pork and updates/corrections to the food lists. (Roxy)

You have missed my point, or maybe I did not do a good job of putting it in words. The real problem was that I was in a hurry and should have waited until I had more time to more correctly put down my thoughts.

The Dr. did do a wonderful job on the book! It has had a profound impact in the first 10 days! When his next book hits the book stores, Iíll be there to buy it. I did not mean to disrespect the Dr. or his work. For the $20, we all received a wealth of information!

The issues that I failed to communicate were:

1) There are known errors in the food lists printed in the book. The food lists available through the links in the Archives are no different than the book. Yet in previous post by individuals asking for up-to-date food lists, inevitably, someone responds with ĎGo to the food lists in the Archivesí.
2) The book directs us to this web page for additional information and a point of reference.
3) We are all looking to the Dr. for information with regards to our health. However, since the main point of the book is the foods we should eat and avoid, that information should be correct, up-to-date and easily accessible. Is it unrealistic to expect that much?
4) Being type B, is was a little put off myself when I found out that I should avoid salmon from some obscure link at this web site.
Being from the Pacific Northwest, salmon is very available and affordable. After picking up the book and looking at the food choices, I had the occasion to go out to eat. Since salmon was supposedly on the beneficial list, I chose salmon over the other choices that were clearly on the avoids list. Now I realize that in the long term picture this will not really matter. The minor problem I am having is the manner in which I found out to the contrary.
5) The critical information at this web site should be better organized! If there are critical corrections (like the salmon issue for type Bs), then that should appear up front in some easily accessed link!!!
With the hundreds of possible foods on the lists, I should not have to perform numerous searches of the forums to dig out the updates, the hints, the corrections on a given food item.
Like most of the web, these forums contain good and valuable information, obscured by a sea of worthless drool (Ed and almost everyone else vs. Cybermage, etc).
Being new to all of this, I realize that there is a lot of information that has already passed on that I may miss, just because I donít have the time to go look at it all (all the drool does not help either).

One of the selling points of the Dr.ís work, besides the well presented facts and information in his book, is that he has not ask us to invest in some potion, powder or gizmo that he sells. He has taught and empowered us with information to allow us to take better control of our health. Now I realize that the Dr. is also a businessman. He needs to make a living like the rest of us.
I vaguely remember him stating somewhere in a previous post, that his publisher was uncomfortable? with the food lists on his site. If that is the case, then so be it. I hope that it would be possible to post just the corrections and other critical information that has come to light. Two to three years between books is a long time to wait for updated information.

Sorry for the novel size of this response. However, this contains my thoughts at the time.

Thanks for the info on the pork.


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