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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 5

Found some important points in the archives that I had forgotten. Maybe I'm no6t the only one...

Posted By: mlou
Date: July-26, 1998 at 03:29:06

October 16 1997 On "Statelessness"

One of the more perplexing aspects of food selection via this new system of incorporating blood type is that
information is constantly being changed and refined. To some people this is unsettling; how can something for one blood type go from being "beneficial" to "avoid", or vice versa?

In order to understand this it can help to know that the blood typing system is "live." In other words, each food for a particular blood type has an accumulated amount of information as to its "value.
" If there is no information on a particular food, it is considered "neutral".
Charged" (negative or positive) information moves it into one of the other two categories, "beneficial"
or "avoid". The amount of charged information determines the foods "confidence."
Thus, a food that has an "avoid- high confidence" value for a particular blood type would have its value characterized be a great stability over the years. A food with "low confidence" would imply that there is only a small amount of material with regard assigning the food a particular value, but there is enough to consider the food "not neutral." It is in this category that occasionally a value will become destabilized by new, stronger information.

Recently, this was the case with salmon and types B and AB. As many B/AB's know, chicken is an avoid, due to an blood agglutinating lectin found in the muscle meat. We also know that B's tend to be over-represented in the diseases characterized by auto-immune neurological problems. So, in ER4YT, salmon is assigned a "beneficial" value, because 1.) they seem to digest it well, with no increase in the urinary indican, a test of intestinal toxicity; 2.) it is a good alternative to the loss of chicken, and 3.) the fish oils may help protect against these types of problems.
However, several years ago, a report in the literature implied that salmon contained a lectin capable of
agglutinating type B. However, I could not duplicate this in my lab under normal circumstances (I say "normal circumstances" because if one is not careful with technique, you can either miss an agglutination, or paradoxically, agglutinate everything!). I am working on eliciting the further characteristics of
this food on B antigen as I write this.

Thus with regard to salmon and B/AB for now, salmon is technically "stateless." Which of course is not exactly going to fly well in a world which demands certainty. But it is the truth, and I cannot do better than that. Perhaps it is a testament to the power of the associations produced by blood type that the diet system is a living, breathing, organism; able to adjust itself to new discoveries and associations. This I think is a major advantage over other diet systems, which have a more "take it or leave it" attitude.
Unlisted foods are to be considered Neutral unless updated on this site.
"Cook Right 4 Your Type", the cookbook/survival guide due out in late 1998 will have expanded food lists.
"Live Right 4 Your Type", the actual followup to "Eat Right 4 Your Type", will probably take it all a step further, actually listing criteria and rationale.

"Cook Right 4 Your Type" will be out sometime in mid-late 1998. It has recipes worked out by several chefs which we have been trying out in our house with nice results. CR4YT will be more than a cookbook, though. We are planning a sort of "practical survival guide" which will have infomation many of the vistors here have requested or offered.

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