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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 5

Re: Questions about sweat, blood type and diet

Posted By: Samantha Rae
Date: July-23, 1998 at 10:31:07

In Response To: Questions about sweat, blood type and diet (OJoan)

I recently found some interesting information on the effects of heat and thought I would share it with you.

All information is from the book Beyond Prozac
by Michael J. Norden M.D. Copyright 1995

Heat in the form of both high temperature and high humidity was associated with a decrease in serotonin (and dopamine) activity. High humidity increases the heat load on the body by rendering sweating less effective in cooling. Temperature was particularly important in men wheras women appeared more sensitive to humidity. Also in women, light was associated with ELEVATIONS of serotonin and dopamine.

The view in the 1960's that serotonin was responsible for raising body temperature has stuck despite the growing evidence that serotonin is important in cooling. Clear evidence shows some serotonin receptors will raise while others will lower body temperature.

Essentially every time a person does somethung that heightens serotonin levels, cooling mechanisms seem to kick into a higher gear. Groups of people characterized by low serotonin tended either to sweat less than normal, to run higher body temperatures, or to tolerate heat poorly.
Multiple sclerosis patients
Poor heat tolerance (exacerbates symptoms)
Poor heat tolerance; heat often can precipitate seizures
Violent criminals
Decreased sweating under certain conditions
Violently suicidal individuals
Decreased sweating under certain conditions

Serotonin's cooling function sets up a symmetrical relationship. Serotonin reduces heat, and heat reduces serotonin. Heat appears to reduce seotonin's ability to handle other duties while simultaneously attending to that highest priority job, maintaining proper body temperature.

Given the countless ways in which modern life stresses our Stone Age brains, we certainly need a robust serotonin system.

In part two of the book Beyound Prozac by Michael J. Norden, M.D. he tells the reader many natural ways to boot serotonin. These are light therapy, melatonin, sleep, and exercise. Then diet and nutrition is given several chapters.

The most wonderful aspect of this is that the ways given to boost serotonin are the same as ER4YT. On this diet I have overcome many health problems, many due to my less than normal sweating. In addition to the diet, Essentail Fatty Acids have been really beneficial.

I am eating right, sweating more and loving it!

By the way, I am type O

Samantha Rae

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