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Re: Cysts can be part of a parasite problem.

Posted By: Birdie
Date: July-20, 1998 at 20:11:57

In Response To: Cysts can be part of a parasite problem. (mlou)


Yes, I am very aware that parasites cause cysts. When the 1st opinion was cancer - my primary MD countered that my sed rate (9), healthy blood work and CAT scan image etc pointed away from cancer and that it could be a hydatid cyst (parasite). So, I did a massive amount of research on *all* forms of kidney disease - renal cancers and...parasites. Both cancer AND parasites have been ruled out and all that it is - is a complicated cyst and I could have had it since birth. I'm more than a little angry that I was told I had cancer and needed an entire kidney removed. It did look more like a parasite than cancer, and, the specfic type can be fatal and requires surgery. I've spent 7 months under study and was caused an enormous amount of anxiety and more.....over something that is 98% certain to be benign. My basic metabolic panel *just* came in and my BUN is 7 - normal is 8-20. Kidney disease is noted for causing a *higher than normal* bun. I am one point below. I am very efficently processing protein. Also, my sodium is 135. 135 is the lowest number in the normal range. These are two of several things that go screwy when your kidneys aren't functioning well. Mine are functioning *extremely* well. You can't get better numbers. Of course, I've been working on how I metabolise things via diet for a year. A year ago I was eating a lot of restaurant - commissary food and cut that all out. Started to eat only what made me feel better. I know I'm an O based on the months in my kitchen - before I knew of ER4YT- just figuring out what foods made me feel best. I went, eventually, on a diet based on the results of a biochem panel - I was too acidic and my krebs wasn't metabolising salt & sugar very well. No doubt a result of a lot of stress and restaurant food. Followed that diet for 3 months. New metabolic panel shows it worked. Now, I am going to follow ER4YT to lose weight. But just to set the record straight - I don't have cancer and I don't have parasites. I have a benign complicated cyst - most likely hereditary. I did, however, learn more about cancers and parasites than you can imagine - and if anyone wants any info- feel free to e-mail me. Cheers, Birdie (having just beat the AMA and saved a kidney)

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