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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 4

Yes men CAN be hyperestrogenic: Some thoughts and questions.

Posted By: Martha
Date: May-14, 1998 at 14:55:37


Thank you for your response. The assumption that hyperestrogenism
causes hypoglycemia in women is based on the clinical results of giving
hyperestrogenic women pyrodoxine (vit B6) to help metabolize the
estrogen and natural progesterone to help counterbalance it.
Hypoglycemia often improves after these treatments. But as I am
writing this, it has dawned on me that hyperestrogenism could also be caused
by adrenal insufficiency.

Here's how: Adrenal insufficiency implies that most or all of the adrenocorticoids will
be deficient. So low levels of glucocorticoids cause hypoglycemia; low aldosterone (responsible
for absorption of sodium and other minerals by the kidneys versus excreting them)
causes hypotension and fatigue; and low progesterone causes failure to to counterbalance estrogen,
resulting in hyperestrogenism.

Licorice is useful in cases of hypoglycemia. Since it has aldosterogenic properties, it may take over
some of the role of aldosterone, alleviating the hypotension and fatigue, and allowing the adrenals to
"concentrate" on producing glucocorticoids. Licorice might also directly supplement the glucos.
Using licorice should improve the hypoglycemia either way.

This theory would also explain why men who are hypoglycemic are so often helped by
progesterone supplementation. If they are adrenal insufficient, they are likely to have
low levels of progesterone and so suffer from low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Don't discount the fact that many men ARE hyperestrogenic. Estrogens are fed to animals
and end up in their muscle and milk, and our stomachs. Estrogens are used very commonly in
pesticides, which, like it or not, are EVERYWHERE. Estrogens are also excreted by intestinal
fungi and other critters. If the liver is compromised, it will be unable to metabolize and
excrete the estrogen. It's a vicious cycle.

But the fact that licorice is estrogenic is still a contraindication for its use if hyperestrogenism is present.

I am the QUEEN of ER4YT and the hunter/gatherer diet, but am still hypoglycemic and hyperestrogenic. Any tips for me?

Also, can you or SOMEBODY please explain the fast/slow oxidizer issue? In layperson's terms?

Thank you!


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