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Re: Detoxification, new thoughts: Is it a good thing or not?

Posted By: Lois
Date: May-02, 1998 at 11:54:19

In Response To: Detoxification, new thoughts: Is it a good thing or not? (Steve Shapiro)

I've wondered this myself. I relate to you more than
anyone on these boards because our problems, though
not specifically alike, sound quite similar, and we
started the diet around the same time. I'm guessing
gender and ancestral specifics have our autoimmune
problems manifesting themselves a bit differently,
and I believe I was vegan much longer than you were.
I'm sure the whole beginning for both of us was a
general protien deficiency. Thus it led to immune
dysfunction, muscles weakening and system-wide deficiencies.
Am I guessing that this is your feeling, too?

I too, am slowly becoming an anti-product warrior.
Though I will admit many of the products have helped
and I would not do without them, I've spent thousands
of dollars on ones that have not, or have made me feel worse.
My progress has been slow, but a lack of funds for
more testing has found me researching and
discovering, through product trial and error, what's going

It's tough to find out what helps if you're
making yourself sick by trying to hasten your
body's natural detoxification system. Thus I'm
complying 99.9% to the diet, taking what I know
works or that I need, and having faith in the
body's incredible ability to heal itself.

As an aside, I was curious if you came across anything
with pernicious anemia and intrinsic factor related to
low gastric acid output, most common in northern
Europeans and Scandinavians (my ancestry). Have
you found out if you had a B12 dificiency? My best
progress was made by taking hydrochloric acid (contrary
to the O philosophy) and more recently, B12. I was
suprised that I initially missed the info that
explains about B12 being essential to the replacement
of the cells lining the entire GI tract (including
the mouth - that's what made me think of you). My
entire GI tract has been on fire for 1 1/2 years,
and the flames started to die off when I began the
B12 and stopped allergic foods. As a test, I stopped
the B12 for a few weeks and my condition deteriorated.
I'm back on it and getting better. Funny - my nutritionist
kept insisting it was iron deficiency, and the GI specialist
I just began seeing pretends to listen but doesn't
want to do the relevant tests-surprise, surprise-until
he does the tests that were his idea.

Your thoughts and reponses appreciated -
13-year-ex-vegan-almost-martyr-for the animals,

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