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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 4

OK I read "The Answer is in your Bloodtype" - (the 4blood.com people)here's my review...

Posted By: Louise
Date: April-16, 1998 at 21:33:46

Ok , I know how everyone feels about the interloper,
but my curiosity demanded I read the book.

I paid $24.90 for it and my synopsis is - it's not worth it. Surprise!
The author is "The Messenger" and the publisher is "Personal Nutrition"
enough to make you suspect right there.

They credit "one inspired individual" for inventing the whole blood type theory.
"He" is an AB and pondered why his father's "A" side of the family
all died early deaths from heart disease and his mother's side, all B's,
are all robust and healthy in their elder years. After being shamed and
ridiculed "The Messenger" finally came to
"Personal Nutrition", whoever they are, who invested in the "research"
to "prove" the theory.

It quickly glosses over the evolution of blood type with no new information
other than A1 blood is only a partial mutation (much like O),
unlike A2 which is the full vegetarian.
It has food lists for different types, remarkably similar to Peter's.
He is listed as a reference, at least. I would say 90% is lifted from ER4YT.
It also has some rather startling charts about
sexual compatibility and sexual preferences:

O's prefer "vigorous" sex
B's prefer "moderate" sex
and A's and AB's prefer "slow and easy" sex.

(This reporter blushes as she reports this...)

Also, there appears to be a preponderance for people to choose their own blood type when mating.
No accident,
Oh, also, O's live the longest (all that vigor, I imagine), and A's the shortest;

A's live to be approximately 61.6 years
AB's ....................... 69.5
B's......................... 78.2

There are many other disease charts and death charts...

It too gets rather redundant with thick pages and
large type and 41 pages, double spaced in bold caps, of "research subjects"
There is alot of self- promotion of their products all throughout the book, peddling their
protien powder as the #1 ranking source of protien sources.
I finished reading it in less than an hour. It would have been shorter if it hadn't been for
the time spent in the bathroom, wretching...)

So... in conclusion- I guess we can say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but...
I wish they would have given credit where credit is due, and written a better book!

But then it would probabaly be best to distance Peter's name from being anywhere near it,
and let it die out on its own...

Well, there you have - a totally unbiased report ...
I hope I saved at least some of you some money!

Warm regards to everyone,

(except, perhaps "the Messenger"
and the hacks at "Personal Nutrition"...)


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