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I Don't Understand

Posted By: arnold
Date: February-11, 1998 at 22:24:33

I've read through most of the postings on Dr. D'Adamo's web page and am a little astounded at what I'm seeing. First, the assertion that Type As should eat closer to McDougall than Os should eat closer to Atkins. Lets look at history if this is what we're going to base this whole program on--prior to the Homo Sapien race, the Homo Erectus period of the human evolution was a group that lived primarily on vegetation and killed large game only when a group large enough to collectively hunt could assemble itself. This group should therefore be Type O, however, they seemed to do fine as vegetarians when meat wasn't around. Despite the reputation of the caveman as an adept hunter, early humans were learning the skill therefore they had to survive on something besides game or fish. And consider this--the meats eaten by ancient humans were far, far leaner and free of steroids and antibiotics. I've never seen a fat deer except in zoos. Would a program using today's protein sources really reflect what Type Os actually ate 2 - 4 million years ago? A protein rich program has never proven healthy over the long term and a most readers are probably aware, is detrimental to anyone with potential kidney problems.

Second, its stated O's typically do poorly on high carbohydrate diets--so do I, and I'm an A. But today's high carb diets aren't the same as our ancestors' programs. Fruits have been genetically filtered to produce only the sweetest, least fiberous of those available. Grains are refined. Crackers, breads, etc., have hydrogenated oils ranging from small to large amounts--poison in any person's reckoning. If we were to eat fiberous foods reflective of what humans actually ate +10,000 years ago--or even before the Egyptians discovered the refining process--we'd be much better off. From A - O.

Finally, I would like to ask (without any sarcasm)--is Dr. D'Adamo's form of degree
recognized by what is considered traditional science? For example, how is his work viewed by some of the various biochemistry organizations around the world?


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