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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 3

More on Desirable Food Lectins?

Posted By: Joan, again...
Date: April-02, 1998 at 11:27:09

We've been learning about lectins mostly from the point of view of avoiding
hemagglutinins. But then, we also learn that Helix pomatia lectin helps fend off
cancer in type A's. A bean lectin stimulates part of the immune system.
Sounds like arabinogalactan is a lectin, too.
So there must be a list (maybe only in Fearless Leader Peter D'Adamo's brain!) of
all the known 'good' food lectins, and for which blood type.
I for one am wondering how many of the highly beneficial foods are not merely
'clean' of 'bad' lectins, but have some specific lectin activities of their own.

Is this something that might come out in a future book??

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