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IL-2 and lectins in yeast infection and cancer, want to discuss

Posted By: Joan
Date: April-01, 1998 at 09:34:47

The link below is to an article in March 1998 Glycobiology about how Candida and cancer cells can bind IL-2 and thus prevent an immune system pathway from functioning normally.
IL-2 is a lectin. I started digging around for references to dietary effects on IL-2 and came up with a bunch about what can stimulate making IL-2 (normal calcium metabolism, dietary soybeans, glutamine, some dietary fat) and stimulate making Il-2 receptors (selenium).
What I haven't found (yet) is what food lectins might mimic IL-2 and could act as a saturator on the cancer and Candida binding sites for IL-2 (big dream, hunh?) or soem other mechansim for setting thigns right. One clue was that animals with nucleotide deficient diets were more likely to get Candida than those with adequate nucelotides.)

Don't anybody run out and gobble up excessive amounts of selenium, fat, protein, or soybeans based on just this, but I'd like to discuss this, either with practical experiences or scientific data, about this, particuarly related to blood group and lectin patterns.

Locating the reference was through Thorkild's amazing list of lectin links.

Joan Savage

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