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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 3

Deja vu all over again....

Posted By: Rick McInnis
Date: March-27, 1998 at 18:35:38

Dear Ed,

Well, here we go again.

Even though I do not doubt all of this toxicity is
a factor, aren't you a little uncomfortable
giving anyone an excuse for atrocious behaviour?

I mean, I could handle ascribing temper tantrums
to this toxicity thing but we are taking a
dangerous leap when we can pretend that an action
like this is caused by dietary deficiency.

I know you do not mean to excuse this behaviour
but like so many "big lies" if enough people
start agreeing with this line of thought, I know
I am going to emigrate even quicker than I am
planning to now. I am already scared to death
to retire in the United States in twenty years.
I feel quite certain this will not be a safe place
to be old.

I would sooner agree with your idea, though, than
the even more foolish pundits who find blame in
Southern culture. There is plenty to be ashamed
of in Southern culture, to be sure, but this is
not going to explain what has happened.

Then there are those that talk about the "hate"
in our society. Well, I think we can all see that
there were certainly times when our society had
far more institutionalized hate than there is now.

I think it is simply that my generation must
accept the accolade it deserves; the worst
parents the world has ever known. We are so
completely self-absorbed. After our parents
devoted their lives to us and seeing to our
happiness we must have thought we had actually
raised ourselves to the enlightened state we
occupy. The pursuit of happisness has been taken
literally, not as the founding fathers euphemist-
ically used it to describe property ownership.

Children are just another object of desire and
property. To be fought over but not really
cared for. Those that can, send their children
to exceptional schools, while the majority are
left to attend houses of social experimentation
run by pop-psychology enthusiasts who refuse
to accept that learning is work.

In my neighborhood a number of high school kids
are about to be arrested for stealing through
a student cashier from the local Arkansas-based,
discount, scorched earth policy retailer (walmart)
and the question has been seriously asked whether
or not to prosecute these kids for their actions!
As many black folk in town KNOW if these kids were
black there would not be a question of whether or
not to prosecute. They would be found guilty
before anyone even heard about it.

I have this fear that something similar is
at work with these two boys. I certainly can
have compassion for their wretched souls but not
to the point of searching for some way to excuse

Lastly, Ed, I am always amused at what I have to
call your anachronistic approach to proving this
point of toxicity. To use the example of a
event in the time of BRAVEHEART... Is this
toxicity a product of our modern world (as I have
assumed your intention) or is it something that
has always been with us? You must make up your


Rick McInnis

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