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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 3

Re: HELP! My guts are leaking!!!

Posted By: Lois
Date: March-03, 1998 at 14:42:03

Hi Trish.

Have you had any food allergy testing done? I've
shown some improvement in the last few weeks since
I stopped - of all things - garlic and sunflower.

I, too, was on IV antibiotics over 6 years ago.
Misdiagnosed appendicitis, ruptured, subsequent
cecum removal plus 6" of colon, peritoitis, and a carbo-crazed
vegan to boot. Uninsured, I did little about the
chronic problems I had for the next several years-
that is until I tried an elimination diet,
quickly weakened to 95 lbs. and could hardly move my arms
from what I now know to be fibromyalgia. Talk
about your leaky gut!

I found a nice nutritionist who does a few tests
at a time as I can afford them.
I've been working on the candida for about 8 months
now, but my immunity is still a little weak. It's
slowly getting better with the type O diet. I had
a pretty bad protien deficiency going on and was
vegan for more than a decade, so I guess it'll take
a while.

Contraceptives - years ago when I wanted a tubal
ligation but was only 24, my gynecologist insisted
I try birth control first. For 6 months I was plagued
with yeast infections until I stopped the pills.
Seems clear to me.

Can it be cured? I sure hope so too. If you feel
anything like me, you'll do whatever it takes. Even
with fighting chronic pain for 6 years, up until
a year and a half ago, I was still mountain hiking
and biking many miles/week. Now I only take short
hikes once or twice a week. But with the O diet,
I'm feeling stronger again - I just hate what I
call the "roller-coaster" - I feel strength returning
for several weeks, it peaks then falls back into
debilitating chronic fatigue. But the peaks are
getting higher, the falls harder but shorter in
duration. You're right - it feels like the end of
the world, but the support you receive on this board
will give you inspiration. Keep fighting that candida -
Dr. D says since echinacea's on our avoid list, use
astragalus for immune support. It seems to have helped
me several months ago so now I'm back on it.

Hang in there!


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