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From the frying pan ...

Posted By: Flower
Date: February-06, 1998 at 16:30:33

I had an experience of disease and of health this week that I wished to share with my fellow ER4Ytypers, because of the deep desire for clarity in this area that seems to burn so strongly in us, as the passion behind most of our posts reveals. This experience lifted and changed me forever - the hard way.

Iím a Type A. Iíve been following the program gratefully and happily, for about 8 months now, 90% compliant, with great success and feeling very fine, mentally clear - sailing along, able to be of service to Life increasingly as my health increased. Wonderful!

Last week I was called out of town. I stayed with my type A foods. No problem. Took my supps. Continued my normal excercise. AND...I found myself for five days in the constant presence of 15 or so other people gathered to honor someone you could say was quite powerful and prominent at the worldly political level. I predictably but quickly found myself the target of largely unspoken but powerfully focused attack, judgement, derision, betrayal even by those supposed to be close. No doubt about it, I was on my own.

I should have known better, but somewhere during the week I succumbed to the projections and let self-doubt enter in to my heart, into my body.

I havenít had a fever much over 99 since I was a baby. I arrived home with 102. And a host of other nasty symptoms. Things I never get. I had gotten whacked and it wasnít by wheat.

After lying there for two days, I called someone you might call a wise mentor. His living has always provided the finest revelation of the Power of Love Iíve ever known. I asked for some long distance intensification of that Power. During the appointed time, I simply opened myself to whatever was flowing through him of that Universal Power of Love that animates all things. In one half hour my temperature went from 102 to normal. By the next day most of the nasty symptoms had vanished.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions. I know that I have learned that I have a full time job to in keeping watch over what I allow in and what I allow out. I can no longer afford to let my body, mind and heart to be a haven for anything less than the Love of God. The only way I can keep the the cyclone of this world at bey is to make sure that the outward Flow of Love is from me to my world is constant. The further I go, the narrower and straighter the path. I have much work to do. I wouldnít have it any other way.


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