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Re: Cheri, tell me about your amalgam removal.

Posted By: Cheri
Date: February-01, 1998 at 19:11:33

In Response To: Cheri, tell me about your amalgam removal. (Rick McInnis)

I have learned it is very difficult to find a dentist to remove the
amalgams. Mine lives in Omaha, AR near Branson - practically in the middle
of nowhere. Traditional dentists could probably do it, but there is much
to consider for safety when removing them. Possibly a traditional dentist
wouldn't know those safety procedures since they consider the amalgams

Anyway, I am queen of the weenies when it comes to dentists. I beg for the
gas for a tooth cleaning, so I was NOT looking forward to this. But, I
have to say that the only bad parts were the shots for numbing. I had 6 or
7 fillings (a few large, a few small) replaced Thursday, and it took 2.5
hours. First, he drilled quite a while to break the amalgams into chunks.
Once they were out, he drilled to clean out the cavitations - one tooth was
badly decayed underneath the amalgam, and he could not believe I did not
have any pain with that. He removed the lower and upper right side
fillings. My teeth are so pretty now - all white. Next Monday, I get the
rest removed, and they said it will take a little longer because I have a
cap on the left side.

I held a vacuum under my chin while they were actually removing the
amalgams to keep mercury vapor from rising upward toward my nose. The
assistant continually sucked saliva and mercury pieces out of my mouth
while the dentist worked, making my mouth extremely dry. Once he started
cleaning the cavitations, they turned the vacuum off. I would recommend if
you can't handle the drilling sound to take a small walkman and play music
during all that. There was quite a lot of drilling.

If there was a way to eliminate those numbing shots, it would have been a
piece of cake. My dentist told me I might be "bitchy" for a few days
afterwards, since initially there is a mercury onslaught. My husband can
vouch that I was particularly hard to get along with this morning, and I
personally felt full of rage. By lunch, this had worn off and it dawned on
me what my problem was.

I took major antioxidants for two weeks prior, to help release some of the
mercury already in my fatty tissue.

It is costing me between $800 to $900 to remove my entire mouthful. I find this pretty reasonable.

I hope I have given you helpful information. If I left anything out,
please email me. I can't wait to feel the difference!


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