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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 2

The diets realy work it is not a placebo, I proved it!

Posted By: Steven G.
Date: January-30, 1998 at 16:03:56

I started the diet about 4 months ago after my wife showed me the book. I did not have any medical problems but she did so I figured if she can follow the diet, she is typ o, so can I. I bought one of those blood type testing kits and it said I was a type a. I followed the type a diet with a heavy emphasis on toffu, vegetables and fish. I felt excelent on it and lost about 5 lbs although I did not have a weight problem. The only time I felt bad was if I eat corn which is o.k. for type a's. We found out our daughter was a type b and since my wife is a type o there is no way I could be a type a. I was either a type b or a type a/b. If I was a type b it would have put the valaidity of the diet in question because I was eating many things, like tofu , which type b's should avoid.I went to the hospital and had my blood typed, I am an a/b. Which explains why I felt so good on the type a diet with the exception of corn. The diet works there is no doubt about it.It is definitely not just in your head.

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