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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 2

Some thoughts

Posted By: Peter D'Adamo
Date: January-29, 1998 at 09:01:24


1. I have pruned this board rather extensively, as much of the space was getting used up by participants who are just exchanging notes back and forth. Please try to remember that if you have an opinion that is really personal, click on the author's name and E-mail them instead. These boards get filled up incredibly fast, and most of the time the posts are not all that relevant to the larger group of readers.

2. Change the subject line to reflect your message. This allows people who are scanning the lists an ability to decide to read your message in detail based on what you are talking about. I am incredulous at the sight of a long thread in which the first subject line has an obvious misspelling, and no one bothered to change it.

3. Ask yourself if the post you've written is helpful and not derogatory in an unkind way. If not, go back to work on it.

4. This term SYSOP is really not accurate, as these individuals do not perform any system functions. I do that. At one time they were deleting posts and keeping the board discussions focused, but have mostly now taken on the function of "host". Technical issues should always be directed to me. Just post a note to "Dr. D'Adamo re: technical problem"

5. Ed Reich is a beautiful human being. Remember: "Judge not, lest thou be judged." If a percentage of his posts are off the wall, well, don't read them. After a while, I'lll yank them off and we will be left with those posts of Ed's that are of great value: the ones that usually feature his very caring and helpful nature. By the way, I think that we are all part of a big group therapy project anyway.


1. I don't recommend Ann Louise Gittleman's book " Your Body Knows Best" The blood type information has been lifted without authorization from my own work, and much of it is incorrect.

2. While we are at it, I do not recommend anyone's "Metabolic Typing System" nor the theory about the need for "eight essential polysaccharides." Polysaccharides are of necessity blood type specific so there is no general polysaccharide which is considered "self" by all types. Other typing systems may have a place in this world (especially other blood typing systems, like the secretor, MN, etc) , but until they are as studied and understood as ABO blood type is, they are conjectural at best. If you want a very nice polysaccharide by the way, you can go to the Products page on this website and buy" Ara-6" or" Ara-plus". These are arabinogalactan products of high purity and much lower price.

3. Parasites and other reductionist theories (conventional or alternative) should be discussed in a manner relevant to blood type. That is what this website is here for. There are certainly enough associations between microbes and blood type to keep us busy with just the job at hand.

4. In some testing in the office, MSM seems to make about 50% of the people sick. It might be of some benefit to certain type O's, but using the high protein diet is cheaper and more savory.

5. Steve Shapiro's (aka anti-product warrior) got it right: Just follow the book, and don't look for magic fixes that are going to get you off the hook Do the work.

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