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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 2

Largest Lawsuit in Canadian History

Posted By: Alex DANIEL
Date: January-13, 1998 at 15:06:09

I am forwarding the post below as it was just received via e-mail moments ago..


Below, please find our Year End Newsletter, with a summary of our
activities in 1997 and exciting information regarding the filing of what
has the potential to be the largest lawsuit in Canadian History. This
Newsletter also contains information pertaining to our newly introduced
ER Program.

W. Obie
Media & Public Relations
Canadians For Mercury Relief 850 - 36 Toronto Street, Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5C 2C5(416) 410-6314 Fax: (416) 360-3838E-Mail:
The Year In Review

With 1998 just beginning we felt it appropriate to take this opportunity
to bring you up to date on the issues, our focus -past and present ,
and what we envision for the upcoming year.

On February 20, 1997, a Press Conference held at our lawyers offices
was a major success resulting in media coverage and inquiries from not
only across Canada, but from the U.S.A., Europe and Australia.

Initially, we anticipated the role of CFMR, to be simply to co-ordinate
and organize the initialization of the lawsuit. However, within three
months we came to the realization that although the response rate was
exceptionally high, that the level of financial support we were
receiving from those seeking us out was far below expectations. This we
learned was due to the fact that the majority of the people we spoke to
indicated that they were suffering severe adverse health effects, as a
result f Mercury Amalgam Placement. Although the symptoms reported
varied and included, most commonly, MS, Alzheimer’s Disease, Lack of
Energy, Chronic Fatigue, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Candida, Brain Fog,
Thyroid Problems, Memory Loss, Irritability, Lack of Concentration,
Allergies, Depression, and Metallic Taste, the common thread was that
for the most part, the people contacting CFMR were not in a position to
lend substantial financial support to enable us to initiate the lawsuit
on a timely basis, as was initially planned.

We then turned to the corporate and medical communities ( for example,
the people who manufacture new alternative technologies to amalgam).
While on the surface it would appear logical that since these are the
people who would have the most to gain by our success, the other side of
the coin we quickly found out was that they also have something to lose
by aligning themselves with us. Since most of the dentists still utilize
mercury and the companies that they count on to distribute their product
also still distribute mercury amalgams. and only a handful of dentists
in the country are truly mercury free, it was explained to me that the
risk of aligning themselves with us and lending their support (even
though it was admitted by some the right thing to do), was far too
great, especially considering the fact that in their view, it was only a
matter of time before the mercury problem went away.

By the summer of 1997 we were getting pretty discouraged, Apparently,
the people who needed and would benefit from our efforts the most were
unable or unwilling to provide enough support to even cover our long
distance phone bills, faxes and mailings, let alone legal expenses.
Every once in a while , it seemed just as we were about to pack it in,
we would get a phone call or letter from someone who had thanked us for
our existence and provided to us details as to how CFMR had
substantially changed the quality of their life. We re- worked our
information package. Instead of sending out seventeen pages of
material, we reduced the important information to a single brochure
available in English and French, that is now available in health food
stores across the country. We put together a "Checklist for Visiting
Your Dentist", to enable people to not only make informed decisions
about their dental care, but to empower people across Canada to use this
information to force their local dentists to do the right thing. And
with the help of a handful of medical and dental professionals, we
established, to begin this month, our ‘Emergency Relief Program’ to
enable as many as possible in dire need , to get medical and dental
assistance . In addition, we developed and launched the ‘CFMR
Certification Program’, for Dentists, Medical Practitioners and
Suppliers to enable you to support those who are directly and indirectly
supporting us and are in compliance with our initiatives, particularly
our belief in your right to ‘Informed Consent’.

The role of CFMR has grown substantially from that for which it was
originally intended Over the past ten (10) months even we have been
shocked at just how serious and how much harm mercury dental amalgam has
and continues to cause.
Other News

The Lawsuit
We expect to finally have a lawsuit filed in the courts by February
19, next month. This date is significant as it represents the one (1)
year anniversary date of our initial News Conference. We are currently
reviewing our files to establish Representative Plaintiffs from each
province across the country. If you have not yet sent in your form
indicating that you wish participate in the legal action, please do so
immediately. Do not let your lack of financial resources dissuade you
from participating. If you are having financial difficulties, just send
in the form.

We also require anyone who has suffered ill effects from what they
believe to be their amalgam fillings, to if they have not already done
so, forward to us as soon as possible, full details regarding the same.
Be sure to include copies of any and all medical records and/or
information, where applicable, as well as a statement detailing and
describing treatments past and present, names of doctors and dentists
and ultimately the effect that you feel Mercury has had on your life.
Be sure that the information you provide is accurate and legible.

Please note: We are requesting the above information in lieu of our
sending out a detailed questionnaire at this time and to save valuable
time and resources.

All of those selected to be Representative Plaintiffs in the legal
proceeding, will be contacted for interview with our solicitors.

ER Program
The ER Program is now in operation. Anyone wishing to qualify for
assistance, please forward a written request to us. Include full details
regarding your financial situation, your medical condition and other
details as requested above to: Canadians For Mercury Relief, 850-36
Toronto Street, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2C5. A written response will be
forwarded to you within twenty one (21) days of receipt of your request.

Our "Checklist For Visiting Your Dentist"
Included in the CFMR Brochure is a "Checklist For Visiting Your
Dentist". Utilize this list to contact Dentists in your area. Ask them
the nine questions on the list and get your friends and neighbors to do
the same. If the Dentists in your area see a demand for these standards,
simple economics alone will dictate change. You are the Informed Public.
You can make a difference.

Dental & Medical Referrals
Due to unwanted solicitations of Mercury Free Dentists and other Medical
and Complimentary Practitioners, national printed lists will no longer
be mailed. To receive information, regarding Mercury Free Dentists,
Doctors and other Healthcare Specialists in your area, call (416)
410-6314, during office hours, and referrals for your specific area,
where available, will be provided.

New Fax Number
Effective October 1997 our fax number was changed to (416) 360-3838.

Brochure Enclosure
A CFMR Brochure is enclosed. If you have already completed a
registration form and sent it to us, please pass this on to someone who
will do the same. If you have not, send yours in today. Check with your
local health food store to see if they have these brochures in stock. If
not, send us their names and addresses and we will forward a package to

Helpful Products
Recently we have received a number of testimonials from persons who have
indicated significant health improvements from chronic fatigue and other
immune system problems, through the use of some specific new vitamin and
herbal products. We welcome any and all information anyone is able to
share with us in this regard and are also happy to upon request, direct
you to others who have made information available to us.

Reporting Bad Dentists
If you know of any dentists that still today are saying that amalgam
fillings are absolutely safe and are not advising you of there being
potential risks associated with the use of amalgam, we want to know.
Call us immediately at (416) 410-6314.

And Finally, Funding
Operating CFMR costs money. The introduction of the ER Program and
filing of the lawsuit only increases our need for immediate financial
support. If you are in a position to provide assistance, please be
generous, because those who can’t are counting on you.

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