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Great Biblical Flood & Signs of First Agriculture in Europe

Posted By: Walter Derzko
Date: January-03, 1998 at 12:54:49

In a recent search through new science journals I found evidence that supports the ABO-diet connection

People with O blood types have a higher incidence of ulcers...follows D'Adamo's
acid production..meat arguement

Recent medical theory work out of Ukraine has linked increased eposides of
viral and bacterial infections and resistance to blood groups...on-going
studies. I suspect the Hong Kong Bird Flu may be a reflection of this.

Re: pace of evolutionary change-if fruit flies can mutate in a period of several generations under external stress, then why can't can humans. This may have been an environmental influence.

Consider: research out of the USA and cited in a Nov issue of New Scientist (UK) that finds evidence that the great Biblical Flood actually happened in the Black Sea about 5000 B.C. when the melting ice caps forced the Mediteranian ocean to spilting over a silted up Bosporous straight into the Black Sea at a rate of 100 cubic km per day. Black Sea water levels ( which was several hundred meters lower then) rose 6 inches per day flooding all coastal flatlands. The inhabitants, who lived and farmed on
what is now the steppes of Ukraine, who acording to archeological records,
were the most advanced farmers and horse breaders at the time, were forced
to flee and ended in all parts of Europe as far west as the Paris basin.
They took their agricultural know-how, technology, customs and foods, their "blood
groups" with them. Integration and assimilation likely took place fairly
fast over several generations. thus the continued mixture of blood groups.
(It woudl be interesting to see what the dominant blood groups were 7000 yo.)
Archeologists in Europe tell us that that was the period when agriculture first appeared
in Europe)

Back in the 70's, I remember reading an article in some 2nd tier
experimental medical journal from a Dr in Vancouver who was treating native Indians for alcholism and other general problems. He claimed that when he switched them from
McDonald's meat to fish....a traditional staple in their native diet, most
problems went away in a time span of weeks to months..can't recall a
source, but just remember reading it. The Dr claimed thet they did not have
some protein in their stomachs for efficient digestion of red meats.

Several pharmacolagy journals have reports on drug side effects and
ethnicity recently....genotyping research is continuing.

The really interesting point is that if some of this theory is accepted by the mainstream
population, ( just as the fact the heartburn is caused by H.Pylori and can be cured by one dose of antibiotics, and not endless ant-acids) it would totally "shock" the medical,nutritian, retail and food production communties...what do you mean all people can't eat bread ? .....liability claims heaven.or an opportuntiy for genotyping and segmenting foods


exploring this furthur

Walter Derzko
Director Idea Lab

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    Walter Derzko -- Saturday, 3 January 1998, at 11:00 p.m.

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