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Lab Panels (Minerals, Proteins, etc), my 2 cents

Posted By: Steve Shapiro/the anti-product warrior
Date: December-31, 1997 at 17:32:18

In the course of my journey, I've had just about every lab panel imaginable run. This would include, but not be limited to:

Hair Mineral Analysis
Urine Mineral Analysis
IgG & IgE Food immunology
Blood Serum Amino Acid Profile
Dark Field Microscopy
Stool Analysis
Allopathic panels by the dozen, including liver, protein, immunoglobulin and lot's more things I can't spell or pronounce.


Looking back on them, I have the following observations.

A test should only be run if the course of treatment will change based on the outcome of the test. In the cases of the hair mineral and blood serum amino acid tests, the remedy prescribed by the practitioners prescribing the test was to supplement the protein/minerals shown to be deficient. In my case, I did not have sufficient quantities of heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, arsenic, etc to warrent chelation or other detoxing procedures.

Never was any thought put into "why am I deficient in this protein or that mineral"?

I have come to the conclusion that I was duped, either unknowingly or on purpose.

From the paranoid point of view, it is necessary to acknowledge that some doctors derive a significant income from the sale of either drugs or supplements, either directly from their office, or from stock ownership in companies that manufacture and/or sell the products. These doctors have a vested interest in prescribing/recommending one brand of drug/supplement over an other. They all use the same line, "I promote this brand because I have found it to be the best." If each practitioner is equally as adept at their art, then how come so many brands are being promoted as the "best of their class?" Not every brand can be the best, it's physically impossible. Therefore, my paranoid mind might add the following: "This product is best because the distributor gives me a case discount and the company will send me on a vacation if I sell 500 bottles per month."

Even researchers can not be trusted to reveal the truth, as it may be censored by their research contracts (the recent fiasco about Synthroiyd comes to mind)>

From the innocent point of view, the simple logic dictates that since my hair/blood etc is deficient in mineral/amino acid "x", the logical step is to assume that I'm not getting enough of it in my diet and add it.

In either event, my bank balance goes down, the practitioners goes up, and I'm taking a cupboard filled with supplements every day. Of course, when the next (expensive) test is run, I show no improvement.

Usenet is full of stories like this. Announcement of miracle products. People trying one product after another in a desperate attempt to cure themselves. Some people get well, and the others are left to wonder "why didn't product 'X' work for me?" The desperate pleas for help are endless...

OK, where am I going with all this:

We have been given a very special gift by Dr. D'Adamo. The ability to understand why the minerals aren't being absorbed. The ability to understand why amino acids get unbalanced, ---- AND ---- the ability to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT [emphasis added] by empowering ourselves.

There was a recent review of ER4YT in "Review of Complimentary and Alternative Therapies" that quoted Dr. Jonathan Wright as saying he didn't like the diet because it was to hard to follow. Once you were on it you were on it for life. He's right, but for the wrong reason. The diet is difficult to follow because we have been duped by the medical establishment, both allopathic and naturopathic, that a pill, potion, or lotion will make us all better. It takes dedication and tenacity to actually change one's lifestyle to heal one's body.

The people on Usenet, by and large, are looking for the magic pill. The people here, on this board, have demonstrated that we are willing and able to throw our products away, and heal our bodies in the truest spirit of Hippocrates, who I believe said, "Let food by thy medicine." (Though he probably said it in Greek...)

In summation:

Take a lab test only if you intend to throw product at yourself or you want comparitive baselines to see how well you are healing by following the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type food plan.

best wishes,

steve shapiro

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