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Hello, type O and A, black tea, vegetarianism, etc.

Posted By: Katherine McGuire
Date: December-28, 1997 at 14:34:43

Hello All,

First of all, I'd like to say that I've really enjoyed reading about the blood
type diets. They accord very well with what I know about my own system, and
those of my friends who are into diet.

I am a 51 year old type O woman who has been following a high
protein diet for some time. I quit smoking a few years ago and immediately gained
quite a bit of weight. I had always been too thin, so at first this was interesting,
but after a while I realised that I had to pay attention to diet for the first
time in my life. I tried the Atkins diet and it was a revelation. I felt incredibly
clearer and more energetic. I had always enjoyed fasting. On the Atkins diet I
could feel the way I would on the fifth day of a fast, but stronger, every day.

Since then, I've investigated a variety of diet schemes, but I haven't
found anything that works as well for me as a diet of meat and maybe a
few green vegetables with the addition of a small piece of carbohydrate
(a little squash, or a small sweet potato) at the evening meal.
I find that the little carbohydrate at the end of the day makes me sleep better.

So here are my questions:
My husband, who is also 51, is type A (AO, since his father is type O). He is
considerably overweight, gets no exercise, and is not feeling well. His normal diet
consists of meat, refined wheat products, lots of sugar and dairy, and that fifth
food group, chocolate. A few years ago, he went on the Atkins diet with me
and he lost quite a bit of weight, but mostly he felt fantastic. He was much more
focused and his energy was great. He's talking about doing this again. Normally
I would think that this was a really good idea, but I just read the type A diet,
and I'm wondering if going on such a type O diet will do him serious harm.

On the other hand, I hesitate to introduce him to the type A diet, because I
think it would just discourage him. Eating is very important to him, and
every single food that he currently eats is on its avoid lists. Even the
few vegetables, nuts, and grains that he eats are to be avoided. It's a rare
event when he feels motivated to do something about his health and interference
from me is generally counterproductive. Does anyone have any advice about this?

Another question:
I drink huge amounts of tea. I drink black tea (Earl Grey, with bergamot) in
the morning and early afternoon and green tea in the evening. I can switch
to green tea all day, but I like to have a reason. So, why, exactly, is black
tea bad? Is it lectins or acid or caffeine or something else?

Also, although I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that meat makes me feel
better, I'm attached to the idea of vegetarianism. Does anyone know of a
good way for a type O to be vegetarian? A couple years ago I stayed in Italy
with a semi-vegetarian friend for a few weeks, and I felt very good eating the
way she does (mostly vegetables sauteed in olive oil with garlic, fresh fruit,
salad, eggs and toast from the bread that is baked in the village in the morning,
and a little fresh pasta, very occasional fish, fresh herbs in everything.
She also eats quite a bit of yoghurt and granola, but it gives me a stomach
ache, so I skipped it). I realise that this diet contains wheat. (She is type B,
by the way, and has MS. She credits her diet with restoring her eyesight
and putting her in remission for twenty years, although now she is
having problems again).

Another reason that I would like an alternate way to eat is that I feel
less meditative when I'm on a super-high protein diet. I'm too alert
and physical. Sometimes I'd like a more sattvic diet to retain the clarity
but be a little more still and inward.

Thanks in advance for your help and attention.


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