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Fine tuning for type B: carbohydrates, licorice, and yeast

Posted By: Allison Dimond
Date: February 13, 1997 at 14:04:36

Looks like EVERYONE is a type O or A!! Well, I'm not...

I am a 22 year old recent college grad (Wesleyan
University, Middletown, CT), type B. I VERY MUCH
enjoyed reading your book. As a child and teenager,
I suffered no health problems except for hypoglycemia
and headaches (probably caused by peanut butter and
corn, I now know thanks to you). In 1992, I had Lyme
Disease (at 18), and since then have had a rough time
with fatigue, Candida-related symptoms, depression,
weight gain, and food sensitivities, all of which
worsen the week before my period (no surprise there).
I have been desperately reading and studying all the
nutrition/health info I could get my hands on. After
“failing” a vegetarian, low-fat, hi carb diet (and
believe me, I ate healthy things - veggies, legumes
(oh those lentils & chickpeas!)), low fat dairy,
whole grains, I found SOME help from Barry Sears, the
Hellers, Ann Louise Gittleman, and more recently
(11/97) Dr. Atkins and Dina Khader. Since this
summer, I have started eating lamb, beef, turkey
and lots of salads, veggies, and olive oil and many
fewer grains, fruits and very few sugars. I am so
excited to have the specific info you provide in your
book about individual foods, herbs, and exercise
programs and am seriously considering a career in
nutrition and possibly naturopathic medicine.

1) I was surprised to see that you recommend as
many starches and grains for Bs as you do. I find I
need more carbs than Atkins recommends, and have done
well with a Zone-like balance of veggies, fruits, and
dairy for my carbs, but worry that even slow cooked
oatmeal and whole spelt and rice are potentially
problematic if eaten more than once every two days.
Do you really find that type B WOMEN can tolerate
grains or potatoes/yams 1-2x a day or that they need
them to achieve a metabolic balance?

2) I am confused about licorice tea and licorice
ROOT tea which are listed as two separate things in
the type B diet section of ER4YT. I have only been
able to find licorice root tea so far (Alvita brand).
Is this the right thing which will help with
hypoglycemia and sugar cravings? If not, what brand
of LICORICE TEA do you use with your patients?
Or would you recommend making my own? Please advise.

3) Lastly, for intestinal/systemic yeast problems:
What do you think of prescription medications like
Nystatin, Nizoral and Sporanox? Are they necessary?
Effective? Or will caprylic acid, citrus seed extract,
acidophilus, and a low-sugar, blood type-specific diet
do the trick? When I’m doing well, my main symptoms
are excessive mucous (which causes dry throat and
simulates THIRST) and sometimes sugar/carbo cravings.
Wheat is MURDER for me (so I rarely eat it),
licorice tea helps with cravings, and I drink juice
of 1/2 a lemon with water when I wake up feeling
congested. Although fruit occasionally aggravates
my symptoms, I find that without it, I am more likely
to crave starch or processed sweets, so I include 1-2
fruits a day. What do you think? Also, are aged cheeses
listed as neutral for Bs a problem for Candida
sufferers? And what about yeasted breads like Ezekiel
and spelt? I would GREATLY appreciate your input.

Thank you so much. Congratulations on your wonderful
work, book, and great new web site! You are truly
making a difference in many people’s lives.

Allison Dimond

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