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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 1

Anemia and Type O and Type B

Posted By: Marion Romeo
Date: February 13, 1997 at 00:57:42

Dear Dr. D'Adamo,

I read your book with great interest and would like to
share with you my personal experience eating not right
for my type, per your diet recommendations. I am a
48 year old female, Type 0+, who for five years has
experienced heavy cycles.For the last two years I was
a strict vegetarian and ate no dairy except for an
occasional egg. My diet consisted of lots of vegetables,
whole grains, beans and pasta and limited fruit. I
couldn't understand why, after two years of eating a
very healthy diet, my condition did not improve but
actually worsened, especially in the past year when I
used herbal tinctures such as echinacea, goldenseal,
yellowdock root, St. Johns wort, red clover leaf, and
chasteberry. I also took aloe.
I continued to be severly anemic( beyond my slightly
lower than average level because I have thalassemia
Then last month I hemorrhaged and was hospitalized. My
hemoglobin dropped from a low 8.8 to 6.0 and I needed
three transfusions prior to surgery.
I am now eating animal protein which I have always
enjoyed and craved(physically;especially beef and lamb),
but I have a difficult time with (mentally and
spiritually) for ethical reasons.
I find it confusing however that during the two year
period I was a vegetarian and ate lots of pasta and
whole wheat grains, that I lost weight (15lb.) instead
of gained. I was not overweight (125lb to 110 for 5'2").
My father, who is TYPE B, and has followed the same
vegetarian, non dairy diet over the past two years also
lost weight (15lb). Although he has prostate cancer his
physician does not feel the weight loss is related to
the cancer. He also has the thalassemia trait and has
experienced a drop in his hemoglobin.
1. Can the wrong diet for Type O and B promote weight
loss and possibly hinder normal production of
2.Although eliminating dairy from the diet is
supposedly preferable for men with prostate cancer,
would doing that be more detrimental to a Type B's
condition than if non fat or low fat dairy were
3. While I was a vegetarian I had the Heidleberg Gastric
Analysis test done and it indicated that I had less than
optimal hydrochloric acid and "delayed emptying time."
Also, a stool analysis showed an enzyme for protein
digestion, chymotrypsin, "was depressed." Would this
be indicative of a Type O that has removed all animal
protein and dairy from the diet for an extended period
of time?
Thank You,
Marion Romeo

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