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Re: Ed Reich occupation?

Posted By: Ed Eeich
Date: March 23, 1997 at 15:05:08

In Response To: Ed Reich occupation? (Sookie)

Hope this doesn't scare anyone, but I'm a
disabled/retired jr./sr. high school orchestra
director. In 1989 I was forced onto disability
with a psychiatric diagnosis. At times I was too
weak/sleepy to even conduct a rehearsal (Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome). It got to the point where I
had so much mental confusion that I could barely
turn in a simple report to administration. Things
are much better now, though I still need to improve
a bit more before I can work full time. I have
resumed playing violin with the Rockford Ill. Symphony
which is a crack orchestra (for a city of 250,000,
metropolitan population). I am doing this, in spite
of some significant, though much improved fibromyalgia.
I have now been published in letters to the
editor of local/midwest papers and magazines in the
last two years on these topics, the last being a
950 word letter on the etiology of osteoporosis
in Isthmus Magazine of Madison Wi. This, incidentally,
was my 4th letter in that magazine in three and one half
Les Brownlee, professor emeritus of journalism
at Northwastern U. (my 2 music degrees are from
there) has examined my writing (he's 82 and is
deeply into alternative medicine). He encouraged
me to write the the "definitive book on "accessing
better health" for the layperson ( I'd call
it "a" definitive book). I have had a job offer
I alternative medicine, but I want a natropathic
or osteopathic degree (not an M.D. though because
it takes too long and misses the point- as my
doctor pointed out when he offered to write me
a recommendation to any M.D. program on the planet;
"you would have to rewrite the medical curriculum
Once fully "healed", I'd like to do something like
the follwing: Be alternative mecicine advisor
for a major hospital (or how about the FDA, NIH,
etc.). No one should doubt that I have the ability
to do this; one of the best surgeons in the area
just told me that I know more about anyone, and
that I should get an M.D. and practice. Oddly
enough though, there is tolerance for establishment
medicine begining to grow in me, but ony certain
aspects/products in it. Im 45, so 8 yrs. plus of
med school is too long.
Regarding the use of pharmaceuticals, I object
to the use of any solvent derived medications
on type O blood. All of the anti-depressaants in
the tricyclic and SSRI categories Imipramine and
Prozac respectively) are essentially benzene derived
anti-fungal/antihistamines (anti-parasitics too.), also
having strong stimulant properties. Many of these
drugs, when you include the tetratrycyclic and
anti-psychotic drugs, also have fluoride in them,
to help people be more "controllable/managable"-
I don't like this (too toxic) use of a compound
that doesn't stop tooth decay (mouth acidity
kills the microbes that do it and not so much the
fluoride) and is incredibly neurotoxic.
Regarding the use of buspar etc.: Some of these
drugs may be anti-fungals/and or "play around
(dangerously) with enzyme systems. Some of the drugs
may actually work by changing hallucinogens into
usable coenzyumes. Of course, a properly fed body
woluld do that i.e., I believe that (for instance)
the trace mollybenedum can ce used by the body
to accomplish this. I used Buspar, and it did
nothing for me except help overload my type O
If you use Peter's book and several others that
are currently popular (Hulda Clark, Bill Crook, etc,)
and have a good practitioner to help you, I venture
to say that you could fix any disease.
So that's me. Oddly enough, I have this hard
to understand feeling that someday I'm going to
be instrumental (pun intended?) in helping to heal
this country's wounds, but my spiritual sense
(type O intuitive) hasn't shown me how, just yet,
though I know that somehow its tied into my passion
to clarify/fix/balance things ( a possible definition
for wholistic healing), and my ever-strengthening
love-concern-enjoyment of people and their creative
possiblities. And a P.S. to any establishment people
who might be "concerned" with the "thrust of my
agenda"; I find it to our advantage to treat
everyone with love, care, and compassion, and thus
expect the same- We must never forget that we are
all in this "state of confusion" together, so we
must never work against each other. It is short
sighted and dangerous to do otherwise.

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