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sickle cell

Posted By: april d. reiss
Date: February 27, 1997 at 18:51:39

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Peter D’adamo, ND
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Dear Dr. D’adamo:

I am trying to find a Naturapath who would treat a 3 month old sickle cell. The traditional recommendation is that she begin at three months until 5 - 6 years a course of Antibiotics. We are looking for a Doctor who would be willing to work with her using alternative methods to build the immune system, strengthen the blood and combat illness. We think we need to develop a team with different expertise rather than have one person to do it all. In addition to that Doctor we need a Pediatric Hematologist with hospital privileges and someone to do live blood tests to monitor her status and progress (I think we have such a person). We found a Naturapath who works with children but after considering the case says that in addition to the natural remedies he recommends prophylactic penicillin.

Our plan so far includes the following:
FORMULLA: ˝ goats milk and ˝ rice milk, adding folic acid. (the mother’s milk did not come in)
ANTI OXIDENTS: C, E, and Selenium
HERBS: anti biotic, anti viral and immune building, alternating every 4 days:
Echinacea, Goldenseal & Astragalus
Nettle, Red Clover & Reishi
blood purifying: Hawthorne Berry

Two people from Africa, a physician and a biochemist, use methods and remedies from Africa. Each see the problem as a deficiency disease. Dr. Agbai’s book can be sent for by sending the cost of the book. He takes phone calls. Dr. Odegbaro can be written to or called. .

Oji Agbai, M.T., Ph.D. Maria Odegbaro, M.D.
Biomedical Research Institute, Inc. Odgebaro Memorial Clinic
2010 South Nogales Avenue 1069 Bedford Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107-1840 Brooklyn, New York 11216
(918) 583-3842 (718) 622-0220

Dr. Agbai says Thiocyanate is a nutritional agent which stops red blood cells from sickling.
Dr. Odegbaro has a private practice in Brooklyn and has hospital privileges at two New York Hospitals. She works with herbs from Africa. We have her formula written in Urba.

Other things we wonder about using are prophylactic homeopathics which are anti viral, anti biotic and immune building including homeopathic penicillin, B-Pollen, B-Propolis, Lomatium Dissectum (LDM), Colloidal Silver, ARA 6 and DHA.

We hope you will think about this challenge and consider helping us.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

April D. Reiss, MSW

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