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What is the "natural" medication that helped you?

Posted By: charlyn
Date: August 23, 1997 at 15:14:00

In Response To: Re: Synthroid and type O (SDowns)

Re: post below - what is the natural
medication that helped you? It would
be great if the name of the medication
would be posted for others as well.
Also, would you please tell me where
I can get it. Thank you!!!

Posted by SDowns on May 06, 1997 at 12:24:50:

In Reply to: Synthroid and type O posted by KJAnderson on March 31, 1997 at 00:42:44:

I have had the same problems with the synthroid
except that I am O-. I to ended up with hypothroid
ism after the birth of my third child.
I have been taking .175mg of Synthroid for the last year.
The problem was I am still having all the signs of the problem even after taking the drugs for more than one year.
I still had the weight gain and could not loss it even on a 900 calorie diet a day! I have been searching the
internet to find anyone else that is also having this problem. With much luck and laughter I have now found a ray
of hope and would love to share it will all that would like to know. I have not taken my syntroid in 2 weeks. I
started a new medication that is all natural and brings up the oxygen levels in the blood stream. My T4 and my
T3 levels are good now. Before I started this medication I spent hours reading and searching for some answers.
I talked to alot of women that had the same probelms and were still looking for the answers also. Then I can
across this wonderful lady that I think just might change my life! My doctor and I had a long discussion about
changing medication. I told him about what I would like to try and then gave him the documentation to back
myself up.n doing along with all the documentation to show him what my goal was to do. He had not heard of
the medication before but was not going to let that stop us from moving forward. He then made afew phone
calls to the company that makes the drugs and talked to them and the chemist that formulated it. He came back
to me a half hour later with a prescription for the medicine and said WE are going to give it a shot and if it does
what it claim it will do, I will have helped not just you but alot of other women with this condition. After our
conversation he wanted to test my T3 levels which they rarely do for synthroid. They normally test only the T4.
Well it came back very low on the T3 and very high on T4. I went back friday and had it tested again after only
two full weeks of this new drug and to there amazement my T3 levels were going up! So to everyone that reads
this there is a way out of the synthetic drugs back to the stuff that your body understands to make it work! And
for once my doctor thinks that there maybe another and took the chance with me. I have since turned my family
and friends with this same problem onto this new medication and we are all doing much better. Just remember
don't stop taking your medication because it is not something to take lightly.

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