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Conflicting Fruits/Juices/Spices for O's and A's

Posted By: Carolyn Pekkala
Date: April 02, 1997 at 23:05:36

Dear Dr.,

For type O's, apples (fruit) are neutral but, apple
juice is to be avoided. Why?

The use of black pepper is a no-no but, peppercorn is

Mustard and horseraddish are prepared with vineger. Are
these ok or must we resort to preparing our own from raw

My own experience with the diet occured this past weekend
with my husband (type A) and myself (type O) having a meal
of red meat to test your program. I had not eaten any red meat
in over a week and found myself retiring at a rather late hour
and my other half several hours earlier. After a feast of meat,
I fell asleep at a normal hour and my A type other could not
hit the hay till after 1:00am. Go figure.

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