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"O+" Vegan with Hypoglycemia

Posted By: Cynthia Fertal
Date: April 02, 1997 at 01:13:15

Dear Dr. D'Adamo,

After reading your book, which by the way is fantastic,
and going through your message board, I still find
certain questions unanswered.

I realize that being a type "O+" that I should be eating
meat, fish and "some" dairy for my protein intake; however,
I have been a fairly healthy vegan for more than 20 years and
truly find it repulsive to even consider returning to
eating flesh ever again. To compound my dilemma, my old
problem of hypoglycemia has recently "cropped up" again.
(Has it ever truly gone away?) One of the snacks recommended
happens to be acidophilus yogurt with nuts and 1/2 banana.
But of course, yogurt is not recommended on your program.
(At least for an "O".)

Having tried the "O" type way of eating (faithfully) for
approximately 2 months, I had found no changes other
than the fact that I am actually even more tired now
than before. Also, the eagerly anticipated weight loss
just is not forthcoming. In fact, I had increased my
weight by 8 pounds following the "O+" recommendations.
This is in addition to a regular program of walking and
rebounding. Help! (For the record, when I used to eat
meat many years ago, I was also very thin, so I know
your advise about meat for "O" types is accurate.) I
truly had contemplated going back to being a meat eater
after reading your book, but just can't bring myself
to actually do it.

Can you recommend a protein substitute for an "O" who
chooses not to eat flesh and is hypoglycemic?
(There are just so many eggs one can eat!) Is soy cheese
acceptable? How about tofu? (I really should have been
an "A")

By the way . . .
I must thank you for your wisdom in suggesting that
whole wheat products produce mucous - yes they do!
Thanks to your regime, I have just about totally
eliminated my chronic sinus problems which HAD been
plaguing me for many years - something I used to "live"
with. I actually dreaded the winter because of the severe
sinus attacks I would have. (3 months straight in
duration with horrendous headaches, earaches and tooth

Anyway, I can live with the "O" program other than the
eating of meat/fish products, etc. Please tell me if
there is a way around eating meat with an appropriate
protein substitute.

I'm looking forward to your reply.

Thank you!

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