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O so many things

Posted By: Pennie Pickering
Date: April 01, 1997 at 23:29:41

Dear Dr.D'Adamo,

I'm very interested in your research. I have been trying to figure so
many things out about my health for along time. Your info seems to be a
missing puzzle piece. I've read H Shelton, NW Walker, Harvey and Marilyn
Diamond, John Robbins, Dean Ornish, Andrew Wiehl, Ron Weston, etc.,
etc., etc. But this book of yours finally puts a few things into
perspective for me.

I had a cholesterol level of 333 two years ago. I was 40 years old and
had just had my 2nd baby. I became a vegetarian. I have always had a
high cholesterol level even when I was 27 yrs, 110 lbs, I was at 245.
Since being vegetarian I have came down to 245 6 mos ago, but recently
(2/97) it was back up to 275.

Yes, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. It seems to be not active
at the moment of my last blood test. I had two children at age 37 and
39. This weight gain and thyroid stuff came up during the pregnancies
and hasn't gone away. Of course, my mother and my grandmother and 4
aunts all have the same thing.

I do Pilates exercise 3x per week, then rebound about 25 min. 3-4x per
week. Not enough obviously.

I also did the blood test for food antigens and found out I'm gluten,
lactobunum, almond, pineapple, banana, and egg intolerant. There are
others but not important. I thought it was interesting that meat was not
on the list when I have such a high cholesterol level.

I'm a major pasta and potato eater but always crash after eating, I've
been blaming it on the thyroid and two small kids. (the sleep
deprivation w/ babies and a full time career)

I sometimes eat chocolate when tired in the late afternoon. Don't drink
coffee anymore.

What can I eat, if anything, in place of meat or fish? I have
contimplated becoming vegan for both health and animal rights reasons.

I've gained 20lbs since becoming a vegetarian and am getting a little
tired of the weight.

I was wondering what you thought of the entirely raw food diets and how
you get the protein if us O's are meant to be meat eaters?

I appreciate your information. By the way, Joe Pizzorno was my first ND
in 1975, the first time I was a vegetarian for two years.

Thanks, Pennie

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