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gallstone flush

Posted By: Richard L Fink (O-, ns)
Date: Tuesday, 19 February 2002, at 1:29 p.m.

In Response To: liver cleanse (Jenny)

The purpose of the olive oil is to provide a major rush of fat for the liver/gall bladder to push out as much bile as possible. As such, a different oil you can tolerate and that is OK for your type should do. Try a minimal flush to see if it makes you sick or not. Those feeling ill are likely to be having borderline gall attacks on fatty foods anyway or need some malic acid to break up the stagnant bile in their liver to get the required flow.

I have done the olive oil flush twice in the last two weeks. Largely because my girl friend's sister had a gall attack and showed gall stones on ultrasound. I remembered the gall bladder flush technique and pointed it out to her. Since I had meant to get around to it someday and really don't recommend things without having tried it myself, I did one two weeks ago. I have never shown any gall bladder problems.

I got out 75-100 stones varying from 1.5x1x1/4 inch (flat) to almond size to pea size to pin head size. The only response I had was some reflux of acid during the night since I don't tolerate lemon juice that well. All were quite black and very soft.

I did the 2nd flush this last weekend (holiday) using grapefruit juice instead of lemon and using epson salts to encourage large stones to come out. I got out at least 60 stones with about 10 of hazelnut size, another 10 of large pea and the rest smaller. These were 50% black and 50% light green. Again I had some minor reflux but otherwise felt nothing at all. Except for that oil slick effect of so much olive oil at one time. The morning quart of warm lemon water really is needed to flush the residual oil away along with the soft vegetables. Refluxing the residual oil is minorly unpleasant.

I suspect without data that the people who feel ill either have had gall bladder problems already or were about to. Like another poster, I had an overwhelming desire for some protein by the afternoon of the second day which seems to be OK as the stones all appeared by 4PM anyway. I feel like I am starving by that time on just vegetables.

Yahoo has a board where people post their flush experiences. This is a good place to look for a range of what are normal responses. Some people have to flush 4 times before getting anything. Others have reported flushing and the stones just keep coming in vast (10,000) numbers). YMMV

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