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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 18

Acid / Alkaline Body Balance, BTD and Food Combining

Posted By: joachim, AB-
Date: Thursday, 3 January 2002, at 2:00 p.m.

Our internal body chemistry very much functions within a specific acid / alkaline body environment. Dr. Hay who advocated proper Food Combining first, stressed to combine proper foods in order to create a healthy alkaline body environment. Dr. D'Adamo also stresses the need for an alkaline body environment, especially for A's and AB's. I have noticed that he is less concerned about O's. Actually, if I have observed correctly he sometimes referres to the term "acidic" when talking about this subject and blood group O. I order to discuss the subject I wrote/quoted:

The acid / alkaline body environment is measured in pH. A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral, everything above is alkaline, everything below is acidic. Our blood must maintain a pH of 7.35 = slightly alkaline. If it drops below that to 7.2 we die. Oxygen cannot be transported throughout the body below a pH of 7.2. The cells of the body in health are alkaline. In disease the cell pH is below 7.0. The more acid the cells become, the sicker we are and feel.

Foods are of two types, acid or alkaline. Our bodies produce acid as a by-product of normal metabolism so we have to constantly replenish our alkaline reserves with food. Ideally there is adequate alkaline in the diet to do this. However, if there is not, the body must extract alkaline from its cells to neutralize the acid. This, of course, causes the cells to become acid, and thus diseased by causing toxaemia or autointoxication. Because our bodies are an alkaline entity, in order to maintain health, the majority of our diet must consist of alkaline foods.
We can remain in health by consuming a diet that is predominantly alkaline; most experts claim 70-80% alkaline.

It is interesting to note that all unheated (unchanged by cooking i.e. heat and microwave), living and unprocessed vegetables and fruits are alkaline-forming whereas most, if not all, processed, cooked and fried foods are acid-forming. All dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, sugar, sweets (except raw honey) and unsprouted flour products are acid-forming. One of the best arguments for vegetarians is that they don’t consume acid-forming foods. Another fact: Long, slow breathing makes us alkaline while rapid breathing makes us acid.

The concentration of acid in our system determines our health, as over-acidity will 'burn up" the cells, e.g. making them susceptible to cancer. This further supports the fact that fruits and vegetables are considered healthy, while starchy foods should be consumed in moderation and why eating a lot of overly processed food is generally not a good idea.

Interestingly physical and emotional activities or conditions also cause a change in our body chemistry.

· Alkaline-forming physical activities and conditions are: Moderate sunshine, rest and sleep, deep breathing of fresh air, fasting and under-eating, relaxation, soothing music, moderate exercise, adequate water intake.

· Alkaline-forming mental and emotional activities or conditions are: Laughter, releasing processes, meditation, self-esteem.

· Acid-forming physical activities or conditions are: Lack of rest, lack of oxygen, overeating, stress, noise, excessive or no exercise, dehydration.

· Acid-forming emotional and mental conditions are: Anger, denial, confusion, fear.

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