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Only the right food will cure

Posted By: joachim, AB-
Date: Tuesday, 27 November 2001, at 11:42 a.m.

In Response To: Crohn's disease and ulcers (rose o non)

The following message has helped countless people to overcome serious bowel and stomach disease. It is based on my own personal lifelong experience and discussions/feedback from a large number of Europeans and Americans:

If you suffer from any bowel disease (leaky gut, irritable bowel, colitis, Crohns disease), also continuous stomach upset, you must take immediate action. Everything evolves around digestion, disregard your problems and you are traveling down a narrow road, which will eventually lead to disaster. Your digestive disease will not only get worse but you invite other diseases caused by your digestive disorder. Do not rejoice about the weight loss effect from diarrhea. Think of it like continuously loosing blood. You are sick and weight loss, moreover nutrients lost, will make you even sicker. Most likely your body is fighting inflammation, which could invite very serious secondary diseases like cardiovascular disorders (heart rhythm and blood pressure problems, coronary heart disease, muscle weakness or even inflammation of the heart muscle), nerve disorders and a wide range of auto-immune diseases like arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatism, candida etc.
To address your problem you must understand that your bowels are strongly irritated or inflamed. Medication or supplements will not be very effective as they will simply not be absorbed. Many drugs will also interfere with the natural healing ability of your stomach or bowel. Probiotics are great to create a beneficial bacteria environment and for preventing bowel diseases in general but only after you have healed your gut. In an acute case you will only benefit temporary. You have to do something to reverse the process, otherwise their benefit will just get lost again and again. Supplements are far from miraculous cure-alls. Your body actually absorbs healing nutrients from foods far more efficiently than from any supplement because the nutrients work together to enhance absorption. Only foods that heal will offer a solution to reversing and eventually curing your condition.
Empty bowels as a result of diarrhea are not good for the lining or mucous membrane of your guts; they will get even more irritated or inflamed eventually leading to ulcerous Colitis. You need to fill your guts with food that will not cause any irritation and will allow your bowels to heal. You will have to be very very careful to choose the right foods and you have to forget your common wisdom about food. Initially you can’t even worry about getting all the vitamins or other beneficial substances as you probably have to avoid most fruits and many vegetables. You don’t get much benefit from food now anyhow as food is rushing through your body. However, in the lists that follow you will find some pretty nourishing foods. The message is you have to fill your guts with foods and finally make the food stay in there; everything else is of less concern. Initially, even the foods suggested below will pass through your digestive system in a hurry. Continue to eat them often. Remember, only healing food will help you and empty inflamed bowel walls must not rub against each other. While you are in the early stage of recovery, rest, relax and no stress please. That stage probably takes weeks, for some severe cases maybe even 1 - 2 months. After food stays in your gut you can start to slowly reintroduce other foods and normalize your diet.

Your first line of defense is BTD. The mucous membranes of leaky guts or irritated bowels make it even easier for undesirable lectins to pass into your blood stream where they wreck havoc. As Peter wrote, quote “Food lectins have been shown to increase gut permeability”. I very strongly believe that everybody suffering from a digestion related disease “MUST STRICTLY FOLLOW BTD”. But MAKE SURE TO UNDERSTAND that all foods recommended in BTD are not suitable for some people with acute disease. BTD contains some foods, even beneficial foods that you MUST avoid initially. Once you have overcome your acute condition you will be delighted to notice that all these foods can gradually be reintroduced. Here is a list and recommendations for ALL BLOUD GROUPS that you should carefully study. Eliminate the list further with your BTD avoids:

1. Avoid Foods that irritate your bowels:

High fiber foods, especially foods rich in insoluble or man-made fibers like cereals (bran), weight loss formulations or drinks, breads with refined or whole grain flour, nuts, soft drinks, sweet foods and sugar, smoked or cured foods, acidic foods and medication such as Aspirin, vinegar, spicy, pickled or barbequed foods, hot spices, all fatty foods, fried foods, shellfish (lobster, shrimp, oysters, mussels), all alcoholic beverages, coffee, chocolate, red or fat meat, pork, fat poultry like duck, goose, margarine, Avoid gums, such as carageenan, ghatti and acacia, which are often used as food stabilizers, also corn starch in processed food or processed food in general. To be on the safe side also eliminate nightshade veggies like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant initially. Initially also avoid, millet, figs and other “gritty” foods.

2. Avoid foods that cause gas (often also high in fiber):

Onions, garlic, leeks, all dried beans and peas, lentils, cabbage family (cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, collards, kohlrabi), most fruits, especially sweet fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, fruit drinks, milk and milk products (except unsweetened yogurt and Ghee), ice cream, packaged foods prepared with lactose such as bread, cereal, salad dressing, foods containing sorbitol, such as dietic foods and sugarfree candies and gum

3. Foods that encourage fermentation (bad = avoid)

Sugar, cookies, cakes, soda, fruit juice, fast carbohydrates (e.g. refined wheat or corn starch, white breads, pasta, pizza, sweet roles, muffins), nuts, sweet fruits, egg, non-turkey meats (meat and also egg ferments into methione-based toxins H2S and CH3SH), all encourage fermentation, Tofu encourages fungal growth since it contains fungi, also small amounts of phytic acid, which can interfere with mineral absorption and therefore should initially be avoided.

4. IMPORTANT: Foods that discourage fermentation (good = very beneficial)

Complex carbohydrates like rice and unsweetened rice products, Pocono buckwheat, blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries, aloe juice, squashes, olives (green, not from metal can, w/o sulfite preservation), rutabaga (good against Candida), fennel bulb, lean fish, goat feta cheese (not cow feta), turkey eaten in small amounts, no sugar yogurt, flax seed oil, Stevia is ok for sweetening.

Summary: Good foods in order of priority, eat these frequently

Blueberries, white rice (also added to soups, also rice noodles), lean fish but also wild salmon for Omega-3, turkey, fish and turkey broth (made without onions, leeks or garlic), Ghee = clarified butter (high in butyrates) should be you #1 fat choice, herbal teas like dried blueberry, slippery elm (is very helpful), fennel (calming), ginger and raspberry leaf teas, fennel bulb (boiled in broth made with bones even better) , non-carbonated high mineral content mineral water or plain water with ¼ teaspoon of sea salt per 1 quart of water, carrots, celery (also celery root), parsnips,.

Good practices:

To overcome severe cases of diarrhea make wild blueberry compote (boil wild blueberries in water, add pinch of salt, thicken with rice flour) or heat wild blueberries and serve with boiled white rice. Drink slippery elm and/or wild blueberry tea 3x per day. Steam or boil your food rather than fry but make sure everything is soft and well done, use bones in your soup, make broth, the natural gelatins heal your bowels, eat warm rather than steaming hot or cold, no ice in drinks, do not combine animal protein with starches in the same meal, use thyme, oregano and rosemary (anti-inflammatory) to add flavor, eat slowly, chew food well, don’t drink while eating, avoid large meals but eat often, eat 5 - 6 meals, practice calming/stress reducing exercise like yoga, meditation, tai-chi.

My father in law died of heart disease. No, he died because he neglected a continuous problem with his digestion.

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