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Attempt to make GMO labeling illegal

Posted By: Sue Ao+ S NN
Date: Wednesday, 17 October 2001, at 3:49 a.m.

The link wouldn't work on this so I am pasting. The attempt to make GMO labeling is attached to the fast track bill -- obviously a special interest maneuver and such serious implications for those with allergies.

Please take action on this urgent issue which among other things will make all GMO labeling illegal!

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) LABELING UNDER ATTACK IN FAST TRACK!
Call Congress TODAY -- Use the AFL-CIO toll-free number to call Congress 800-393-1082. See the bottom of this message for targeted legislators in
your state and their zip codes.

Bill HR 3005 "Trade Promotion Authority" is currently being considered in
the US House of Representatives. It is also known as Fast Track. Fast Track
is Bad for Workers, Bad for Consumers, Bad for Family Farmers, Bad for the
Environment! We need to have ALL our grassroots out in force calling people
telling them to vote against this bill. A VOTE IN THE CONGRESS IS LIKELY IN

If passed, Fast Track would allow the President to negotiate trade pacts
like the Free Trade Area of the Americas (NAFTA on steroids for the
hemisphere) without any input from Congress. Congress would tie its own
hands and would not be able to criticize the absence of labor, human rights
or environmental provisions in the final pact! But if Fast Track fails, we
have a good chance of stopping the FTAA!

Pro-GMO legislators have sneakily put in language in HR 3005 that would make
GMO labeling ILLEGAL as well as eliminating the precautionary principle for
GMO regulation. (The Democratic "alternative" to this bill, though better
in some aspects, has the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE regarding GMOs.) If either
bill passes, then the US would be able to force European countries to
accept unlabeled US GMO products!

*****Please Take action Today on This Urgent Issue.*****

What can you do?
Use the AFL-CIO toll-free number to call Congress 1-800-393-1082.
You will have to enter a zip code.

1) If one of the targeted legislators listed at the end of message is your legislator, or you live in the same city/area, call them!
These legislators support Fast Track HR 3005 or are undecided. Tell them you are a constituent (if you are) or that you live in their area. Tell them you oppose Fast Track and you want to know if they do too. MANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE AMBITIOUS FOR HIGHER OFFICES LIKE SENATOR OR GOVERNOR. THAT IS WHY IT IS WORTHWHILE TO CALL IF THEY MAY REPRESENT YOU SOME DAY. The zip code that follows their name will enable you to be connected with their office in Washington, DC.

2) If your legislator does NOT appear on the list below, please call them using the toll-free number (use your home zip code), and when you talk to the receptionist, ask what is the representative's position on Fast Track HR 3005. Thank them for
opposing Fast Track, or tell them you oppose it. In EITHER case, tell them that you do not support the section in HR 3005 and the Democratic alternative bill that would make a GMO label a trade barrier. Even people on our side need to hear that
we don't want that provision in the two bills!

You can also send a message to Congress NOW by visiting
enter your zip code in the Take Action Now field.

For more information on Fast Track see

For more information on the FTAA see or contact OCA at
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Allen Boyd (D-2nd) - Tallahassee (32301)
Jim Davis (D-11) - Tampa (33609)
Carrie Meek (D-17) - Miami (33137)
Alcee Hastings (D-23) - Oakland Park/West Palm Beach (33407)


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