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Posted By: Ed Reich
Date: Monday, 10 September 2001, at 5:16 p.m.

In Response To: Has anyone tried rhodiola? (Cindy J (O+))

Re. Rhodiola,

I have been taking the straight herb for about 10 days and like it. YOu may have to titrate the dose up a bit, and I do
reccommend using the NAP formula with tyrosine, etc.

I might as well open a discussion on other factors related to the O stress response that I think are critical:

I have been taking pregnelone, DHEA and natural thyroid
hormone for several weeks to help with fibromyalgia, shakiness fro the use of thyroid hormone (its use puts stress on the adrenals and that causes the shakes), anxiey,
impulsivity, etc.

I have found the use of all of these products to be helpful,
but am finding it a bit tricky to get doses right. I like to
rely on the pregnelone rather than the DHEA, because it MAY
be safer, and effects both major branches of the Adrenal
hormone formation chain (sex and stress hormones-DHEA, mostly, affects only "one side"). It seems to take a lot
of pregnelone to calme me down and even me out WITH the Rhodiola (I don't take tyrosine)and a good compliment of B vitamins and minerals (I like coenzymated B vitamins, by the way).

I now realize how shot up (depleted, atrophied) some of my glands must be (the high adrenaline levels that are characteristic of "hyper" Os come from adrenal exhaustion
and MUST be fixed. THe/My low cortisol levels also figure into the fibro pain levels. When I can get this all balanced
I become very, very positive, balanced, calm and neat to be with. Remember that continual high aderenaline levels puts stress on an Os already weakish thyroid, and that tends
to "shrink" the gland and damage it via autoimmune attack.

For further info on this see Sr. John Lowe's work on fibro at (he and I are corresponding, and he really admires my knowledge and efforts, by the way) and get a copy
of the book by Julia Ross called "Diet Cure" which explains it all, but does not advocate the use of as high levels of the hormmnes as several other books (and Dr. Lowe).

Part of the problem is cellular resistance to accepting the hormones, too (like muscle cells). And I continue to follow the research on the hormone relaxin (Vitalixin) for fibromyalgia.

More on this later if people are interested (you should be,
as endocrine system damge is central to a plethora of disease states).

Ed Reich

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