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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 17

Irritable Bowel & Leaky Gut Conquered

Posted By: Loralei O+ secretor
Date: Friday, 24 August 2001, at 11:15 a.m.

I have had problems of leaky gut and Irritable bowel for years. I have experienced bloating, constipation, diarreah, nausea, acid reflux, joint pain, and inflammation. Add to the suffering, the frustration of doctors who don't believe in intestinal permeability and you have the reason why I have tried everything and anything. All my symptoms are gone I have regular and effortless bowel movements, no acid relux and increased energy and joy in life. I wanted to share what works for me so that I can help others. Please let me know if this helps anyone. Some things were hard to do like give up coffee but the way I feel now is better that any java jolt and that is my incentive to keep it up.

1.No caffeine coffee, tea, green tea ( I know green tea is HB but it isn't for me) or chocolate

2.No big drinks with meals the less the better

3.Drink tons of water either 1/2 hr before meals or wait two hours after.

4.No ice cold drinks (slows digestion)

5.Space meals for complete digestion 3-4 hours between large meals wait 2 hours for snacks

6. Chew food very well before swallowing

7. Don't eat when nervous or angry

8. Don't eat until stuffed, just until satisfied (this takes practice but becomes habit pretty fast)

9. Eat whole foods, no junk food

10. Don't skip meals

FOOD: I find following the ER with 99% compliance very complimenatry. I eat organic a lot but not always. I do well limiting my grains to just once a day. Also I don't do well with any soy products (makes my joints ache)
What I Eat in an average day:

upon waking- 2 glasses of water/mineral water

before breakfast-8oz.Prune juice mixed with Larch ARA and Sparlking mineral water

Breakfast- 2 eggs over easy with Tarragon, essene bread with almond butter and Pau d'Arco tea
or Two slice sourdough rye with almond butter and sliced banana

Mid morning snack- 3Tbs. flax seeds ground (and soaked for 2 hours) with 1tsp maple syrup and banana, raisins or figs

Lunch- 6-8oz. Steak with salad of grated carrots, arugala, oregano, olive oil and lemon juice (I always eat Turmeric with steak, added after cooking placed under the meat to mix with the meat juices I eat lots of Turmeric) Sometimes I will have Salmon or Sardines

Afternoon snack-Walnuts or Pumpkin seeds and plum, raisins or figs

Dinner- 6-8oz.Steak(Turmeric), baked sweet potato with 1Tb Flax oil, Veg; either escarole, collards, kale or rappini steamed with fresh garlic add olive oil after cooking

Late snack Blueberries or other light fruit and ginger tea or sip right tea

Exercise: I do yoga and walk on the beach every morning. Fresh air is a must for me.

Vitamin Supplements: Not much into megadoses, over the years I have tried various megadose vitamins recommended by nutrition councelors and have not noticed much difference with or without them. I have better results when following a proper diet with quality food and water. But anyway in am I take- Larch ARA 1 tsp, Vit C 500mg, Cal. 250mg/mag. 125mg, NAG 500mg., Bladderwrack 500mg

before bed I take- Cal/mag 250/125mg, NAG 500mg, and Multi-enzyme

Love and Health Loralei

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