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Natural thyroid substitues other than Armour

Posted By: Racheal
Date: Wednesday, 15 August 2001, at 7:52 p.m.

In Response To: Armour Thyroid (Andrea O+)

I was suffering devestating side effects as a result of taking Synthroid for many years. As a result, I was placed on two other medications as these side effects were misdiagnosed as additional ailments. I then discovered that Synthroid was never approved for human consumption by the FDA and it had been grandfathered in when the FDA had come into being. I also discovered the Synthroid was the subject of a settled $111 million class action lawsuit in 1999 and that the FDA was making the parent corporation of Synthroid submit a new drug application because numerous safety issues concerning the drug's stability were present. All this led me to believe I could not rely on my MDs or the FDA to look with an eye toward my legitimate health concerns.

I did however find a DN, doctor of naturopathy, that has placed me on a non-prescription thyroid substitute called Thytrophin PMG. Thytrophin is not regulated by the FDA because it is sold as a neutriceutical and not a pharmaceutical. This means that government regulations are not in place to assure that the manufacturer is complying with things like calibrating the same amount of medication in each pill. However, the primary reason behind the FDA requiring the makers of Synthoid to submit a new drug application is their continued violation over some 40 years of this exact issue. This makes me wonder what the value of having the FDA as a governing agency really is when it takes them 40 years to do something after numerous known violations.

Thytrophin is made from dessicated bovine (beef) thyroid from US cattle. If needed, the company will import the bovine thyroid from New Zealand, where there is no reported outbreak of mad cow disease. Their procedures for quality control are adequate assuming that they in fact do operate as they state. You or I have no way of knowing if any corporation is complying with their stated policies unless they have a disinterested 3rd party come in and test, which I don't think would include the FDA.

For me, Thytrophin has radically changed my life. I am off Synthroid and the other two medicaitons, which I also took daily. I now have energy and can go to sleep at night. My hair isn't falling out and I am no longer depressed. I am finally loosing weight. This is the best I have felt in 9 years.

This may be an alternative for you. Depending on where you live, you may have difficulty finding a naturopath or holistic physician. A MD will not put you on a supplement that has not been FDA approved regardless of how good it is. (The standard of care for medical malpractice is what the majority of physicians consider appropriate. Since the majority will cover themselves by only suggesting FDA medications, any deviation from this standard is considered generally considered proof of malpractice.) You can certainly figure out your proper dosage yourself. However, keep in mind that you do not want to overmedicate yourself since regulating your thyroid is a serious concern.

The half-life of dessicated thyroid, what is used in Thytropin and Armour, is short. This means that you should take 1/2 of any thyroid medication in the morning and the other 1/2 at night to ensure consistent regulation of the thyroid. One last benefit of Thytrophin is that it is cheaper than either Synthroid or Armour. I was taking the max dosage pill that Synthroid made. I now take 2 Thyrophin 2 xs daily and the monthly cost to me is app. $12.

The company that makes Thytrophin is called Standard Process ( You can contact them and find out where you can purchase the product or perhaps you can buy directly from them. My DN started me at 1 1/2 pills to be taken 2xs daily. This was because my thyroid was so underactive. This did not fully alleviate all of my symptoms so we bumped it up to 2 pills 2xs daily. You can successfully find your proper dosage by paying attention to your symptoms. When you feel that your symptoms are relieved, do not increase your dose. Whatever dosage you try, GIVE IT 4 WEEKS before you consider upping the dosage. If you feel nervous or jittery, drop the dosage immediately. If you may be over-medicating, there is no need to wait.

Here is a great site for thyroid information. There is much to elarn here and it really helped me understand my thyroid better. :)

Thyroid information

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