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I wouldn't live any other way.....

Posted By: Cassandra, O+ Sec, ENFP
Date: Thursday, 2 August 2001, at 12:05 p.m.

In Response To: Is this diet working for anyone out there...? (maria (B, INTP))


What you are experiencing is likely detox as you acclimate to this way of eating.

Most of us have been through it, too.

I started the BTD about three and a half years ago after having been diagnosed with lots of food allergies. I was in the bookstore one day, looking for allergy cookbooks and stumbled across Eat Right For Your Type. I glanced at it, saw that it was a diet based on blood type, and scoffed, 'What will they think of next!' Then I looked at the back cover, read the part for Os, and realized that the little blurb on the back about what Os are not supposed to eat was exactly what I was most allergic to -- wheat and dairy! Okay, maybe I should examine this a little more closely before I discard it. I read the O section and by the time I was through, I had decided to buy the book. Virtually everything that I was allergic to I was not supposed to eat for my blood type. That was highly compelling evidence!

I experienced headaches every day when I first started, and still had heartburn (neither of these symptoms was a new thing for me), but they both stopped within about three weeks. For the first time in YEARS, I felt GOOD. My previous medical history included DAILY headaches and heartburn, very frequent migraines, a history of depression (2 major episodes), ezcema, digestive issues -- chronic gas, bloating, frequent diarrhea/constipation, weight problems, hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, etc.

Nowadays, I feel GREAT. I have about one migraine a year now, and they aren't nearly as severe as they used to be (and are usually associated with having eaten some major avoids!), I RARELY get headaches anymore, my ezcema is gone. I am not depressed, and don't expect to be so again! My hypoglycemia is only an issue if I eat avoids. My blood pressure is normal, my digestive troubles are GONE, and my weight is easy to control now.

I can't say enough for what ER4YT has done for my state of mind, either. I have more energy than my peers, who all felt great in their 20s and are beginning to slow down. I felt like crap in my 20s and I now am just revving my engine!

Hang in there, Maria. It does get easier, and it is SOOOOOO worth it!


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