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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 17

what we eat!

Posted By: Katrina /A /non secretor
Date: Thursday, 2 August 2001, at 11:11 a.m.

In Response To: A non secretors what do you eat? (claudia)

well, the best protein source seems to be HB fish.

A good source of fiber/alpha linolenic acid is flaxseeds, which can be eaten quite nicely ground up with a sliced banana and with pineapple juice poured over it. Add a few walnuts (also HB).

Or steam vegetables, let them cool down, and add lemon and cumin (gurkemeie/turmeric?) and some salt and an oil (olive, or other HB oil).

Or cook up some turkey meat, and cut it in strips and add it to miso soup.

Or cook up some lentils with a piece of ginger (fresh) in it. Add some salt and cumin at the end of the cooking time for a very tasty soup.

Or cut up some big chunks of onion, add some peanuts and a tadd of ginger and roast it all in the bottom of a pan.

This can then be eaten with rice noodles or rice or vegetables...

WASA rye crackers (or any other 100% rye crackers) make a good snack with goats cheese (occasional), or tomatoes and cucumbers or whatever else you get inspired with.

Or get vietnamese rice paper and rice noodles. Cook up some turkey or chicken meat and cut into strips.

Make a very thin pancake out of an egg or two and cut it into strips.

Pour boiling water over the rice noodles.

Chop up some peanuts.
Chop up some coriandre.
Catch yourself a few mint leaves.
And a few soya sprouts.

Put hot water in a pan and dip the rice paper (round) into the hot water.

Spread it out. Put on some peanuts, some noodles, some coriandre, some meat, some mint some eggs and whatever else you feel like putting in there,


I usually add some HAI SIEN (or HOY SIN) sauce, because the ingredients are all in chinese, so I can't tell if it has any avoids or not *lol*

These are a lot of fun - but takes a bit of time and preparation.

That is all I can contribute for the moment.

There are dozens of shakes and things that can be made with HB fruit and rice/almond/soy milk and all kinds of other goodies, but I'm not very good at it yet.

love to ya!

katrina (type a and non secretor)

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