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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 17

Thanks Cassandra, Keith and Tim

Posted By: Geoff, type O+
Date: Thursday, 2 August 2001, at 7:21 a.m.

In Response To: Geoff.... (Cassandra, O+ Sec, ENFP)

Thanks for your reassuring post.

Yes, you're right, I have virtually gone cold turkey.
Not touching wheat
Not touching dairy, apart from a little milk in 2 cups of tea a day.

I'm restricting fruit to mainly figs (which are wonderful, but I'm wary of their high carb count)plus plums, black cherries, grapes and I have just discovered how nice fresh blueberries are (and not too sweet). I am also drinking pineapple juice.

Breakfast is a slice of Rye bread and a couple of figs. Lunch is smoked mackerel or tuna with a little salad and a couple of Ryvita (rye crispbread)
Dinner is allowed meat or fish plus salad or allowed vegetables with red wine.

Outside of this I sometimes pick at figs, cherries and the occasional walnut. I'm hitting the Gym at least 3 times a week, mainly for aerobic excercise (running and rowing).

Oh, and I do have the occasional pint of beer or two!!
I think beer is neutral, although LR4YT says avoid - but the dadamo web site and ER4YT both say neutral - that's good enough for me.

I do intend to check out my secretor status, but I'm assuming for now diet wise that I am a secretor. I was hoping I could pick up a kit in Boots, but I'll go with CantOst - thanks Keith.

Last thing - can anyone tell me roughly how long my body will rebel against the detox process before I feel good?

Thanks for all your comments


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